The number one thing I love about Preceden is its ability to help me organize my cases. By the time I'm done going through the files and putting all of the milestones into a timeline, I know the case inside and out.

Greg Westfall

Attorney at Westfall Sellers

In the world of high stakes criminal litigation, thorough preparation is essential. Greg Westfall and Frank Sellers, partners at Fort Worth's renowned Westfall Sellers criminal defense law firm, use Preceden to do just that.

"Preceden allows me to organize my cases in advance," Greg explained.

"The timelines will reveal conflicts in a story that you might not see when the stories are all disconnected from each other."

"When I end up with a decisive conflict, I now have a way to communicate that to the jury."

Both Greg and Frank take advantage of Preceden's ability to create layers to organize their timelines. "We have one layer that's just for the police investigation, another layer that's just for the stories that the witnesses give, and others for each major aspect of the case. It allows us to visualize it all right there which is incredibly helpful."

"We use Preceden to put the story together so we can then tell it to the jury. It helps us tell the story. Simple as that."