Preceden makes it incredibly easy for me to keep track of important milestones in my business and personal life.

Juergen Heinrich

Owner, Bawang Merah Beachfront Restaurant

For Juergen Heinrich, a German expatriate who runs a beach restaurant and a day spa in Bali, Preceden serves as a way for him to keep track of milestones in his life and business.

"After several years of keeping track of events in my life in a notebook, I decided it was time to move things online. I wanted to keep track of all of my milestones in one place, to have them be accessible from anywhere, and to have them be editable and searchable in the cloud."

"I checked out several other online timeline makers but none were as simple and easy to use as Preceden."

Juergen’s main timeline has three layers, each corresponding to a different area of his life: "I have one layer to keep track of key events in my business, another one for vacations, trips, and other events in my personal life, and a third to keep track of our medical history. Preceden helps me visualize how all of these events line up."

"I like to be able to quickly look up the dates of important past events and Preceden lets me do just that."