Preceden lets us see an overview of what’s happening in sales, marketing, production, and R&D. By visualizing all of moving parts, it helps us identify any gaps and plan accordingly.

Guillaume Fouquet

Marketing Manager, FullSave

As a marketing manager at FullSave, one of France’s leading alternative cloud and telecom providers, Guillaume Fouquet needed a tool to help him and his team visualize all of the company’s ongoing and upcoming projects.

"We didn’t need some complex project management tool, we just needed to create a timeline to keep everyone on the same page. Preceden let me create a great looking timeline that I could present to our team. Now whenever we’re in a meeting, we put up the timeline and adjust it in real time based on feedback."

"I tested a lot of tools, but none of them could offer layers to group tasks by department to offer us a global view."

"With Preceden, I can build an initial timeline in only a few minutes and then keep it updated throughout the project as dates move around. I wish I’d found it years ago!"