Preceden looks professional and is flexible and easy to use. We have used Preceden for almost six years now, and I’ve been very pleased.

Christine Griese

Homeschooling mother of two

A Tech Savvy Parent Looking for Modern Teaching Tools

As a homeschooling mother of two, Christine knew she needed to come up with hands-on activities to help her children learn. So for their history studies, she decided to ask them to make timelines to show their understanding of historical events.

The problem was, paper timelines are hard to work with and easy to damage. As her kids covered more and more material, the timelines would become unmanageable. A paper timeline “wouldn’t survive an entire school year,” explains Christine.

Christine also tries to keep as many of her teaching materials as possible as evidence of her children’s homeschooling journey. If she’s ever asked for documentation, she wants to be able to point to all the hard work they’ve done together—without digging through binders and boxes full of paper.

That’s why she began looking for a digital tool that would help her kids master history while producing a record of their learning.

Preceden’s Simple Interface & Tailored Features Fit the Bill

The decision to use Preceden was an easy one, according to Christine. “I simply searched online for a great timeline tool that allowed them to make entries for each historical event they studied. After looking at several options, I decided on Preceden because it had all the features I was looking for.”

Christine says she was looking for a timeline maker that was easy to use and good-looking, with the option to print timelines. She also needed a color-coding feature, to help her kids categorize different kinds of events.

Preceden’s intuitive user interface and clean visual output made it an instant winner. Christine and her children have stuck with it for almost six years.

“Each of my kids has used Preceden to keep a running timeline of all the historical events they study throughout a school year—literally hundreds of them.”

Preceden Creates Learning Tools that Get the Job Done

Homeschooling is no easy task, even for a capable parent and educator like Christine. To keep the learning on track, you have to choose the right teaching strategies and find tools to implement them well.

Preceden enhances Christine’s teaching and her kids’ understanding of history by helping them create a powerful study aid. It works for them because it’s simple to use and offers just the right features. And after several years of use, the app has stood the test of time for Christine’s tech savvy kids.

No matter what ideas you want to share, Preceden can help you record, organize, and display events with ease. Give it a try for free today.