Case Studies

Preceden is trusted by hundreds of thousands of people around the world for creating timelines. You can read some of their stories below.

One of the greatest benefits of Preceden is when I use a timeline in a contract for a new client. By including a timeline that shows a detailed scope of work in the contract, I set the exact expectations that I’m going to fulfill, increasing client satisfaction with my consulting services. The tool is very intuitive and quick, so it contributes to a more efficient use of my time. Read More

Josemaria "Chema" Mora

Owner, La Bodega de Chema

I tested several timeline tools and chose Preceden because of its aesthetic and ease of use. Other tools were clunky and didn't really have the features that I needed such as layers. With Preceden, I was able to customize my timeline and create a timeline that I can insert in a presentation or have a beautiful printout to share. Read More

Galina Madjaroff Rietz

Clinical Assistant Professor at University of Maryland

I need to prepare timelines for programs and projects to communicate plans and pro-gress to clinicians, administrators, and managers. Preparing timelines in other tools just takes too long, and the results are often disappointing and difficult to update. MS Project can create timelines quickly, but it's very difficult and time-consuming to format them in a way you can present. Preceden takes me just a few minutes to create a complicated timeline that I can share with stakeholders. Read More

Paul S

Project Manager, Digital Transformation

I settled on Preceden as it is more about compiling information in multiple layers with a lot of capacity for text. I was not interested in a 'more show than go' product that looked like elementary students might use it. I am more interested in Preceden’s organizational features and storing lots and lots of notes. This is not a toy. Preceden is for serious scholarship. Read More

Ed Vermue

Special Collections Librarian, Oberlin College Library

Preceden lets my two homeschooled kids create powerful study aids to help them gain a better understanding of history. Each kid keeps a running timeline of all the historical events they study throughout a school year--literally hundreds of them! Read More

Christine Griese

Homeschooling mother of two

Preceden lets us see an overview of what’s happening in sales, marketing, production, and R&D. By visualizing all of moving parts, Preceden helps us identify any gaps and plan accordingly. Read More

Guillaume Fouquet

Marketing Manager, FullSave

Preceden makes it easy to create multiple timelines to keep track of various aspects of my novels — from creating a single timeline for a character and plotting their life, to an entire fictional history I have created for my novel. Preceden is incredibly valuable for storing information about the places and people we are creating. It has helps us hold our fictional world together across both time and space. Read More

Kate Freeman


The number one thing I love about Preceden is its ability to help me organize my cases. By the time I'm done going through the files and putting all of the milestones into a timeline, I know the case inside and out. Read More

Greg Westfall

Attorney at Westfall Sellers

I tried several other timeline makers and they were all very complicated. Preceden is extremely intuitive. There are a lot of project management tools out there but I didn’t need such a heavy solution for presenting our roadmap to the team. Read More

Paul Geler

President, AHK Solutions

Preceden makes it incredibly easy for me to keep track of important milestones in my business and personal life. I like to be able to quickly look up the dates of important past events and Preceden lets me do just that. Read More

Juergen Heinrich

Owner, Bawang Merah Beachfront Restaurant

In my role as a strategic communications coordinator at a large organization, Preceden allows me to clearly and beautifully communicate a campaign plan by highlighting key dates, milestones, themes, as well as other events to keep in mind (in a separate layer). I usually have to take a moment to respond to people's questions about how I made the timeline before getting to the campaign itself. It's really that striking. Preceden is gold and here's the best part about it: it's super easy to use.

Timira Cobbs

Strategic Communications, Cambia Health Solutions

As a construction marketing professional, Preceden is a great tool that allows me to asily manage and track various activities including events and conferences, community involvement, public relations, advertisements, promotional campaigns, and project milestones. It allows me to effectively communicate upcoming tasks and workload to my team in a visual format, so we can execute our marketing strategy and achieve results.

Alexis Raterman

Senior Marketing Specialist, JE Dunn Construction

My job requires me to maintain complete awareness of hundreds of current customer contracts and ensure that none fall through the cracks and expire unexpectedly. Preceden allows me to quickly and easily stay on top of every contract's expiration date in a very easy to read and customizable format. It saves me hours of time every month!

Rick Lombardi

Health Care Contracting Director, Johnson & Johnson

No other timeline maker out there has been as easy to use to structure the schedules for our teams and paint a clear picture for executives. Preceden saves me time and helps improve communication across the board. I've been waiting for a tool like this for years!

Nick Maselli

Operations Lead, Comcast

Preceden is exactly what I have been looking for to create beautiful and informative timelines for my projects and business. It's a much more user-friendly version of Gantt charts without having to use more advanced project management tools to quickly create and share timelines.

Aliya Amershi


Preceden makes it incredibly easy for a project lead to post an integrated timeline to the team. I highly recommend Preceden to any program or project manager who values clear communications as a key ingredient to success.

Michael Oas

President, Communicating IT Inc

I use Preceden for gaining an understanding of early Christian church history from the time of the Apostles through the time of the great schism in 1054 primarily. Preceden has been invaluable for gaining insight into the development of scripture manuscripts, doctrines, and ecclesiastical relationships through the centuries.

Troy Horton

Preceden helps us better serve our clients. It is well thought through and the perfect balance of simple with solid functionality. It's just super smart.

Richard Reising

Founder, Artistry Labs

I have my AP World History students create a timeline for each period where they include the major events, the cause and the effect of the event, and why they chose that event. My students love Preceden because it is so easy to use and helps to visually see what we talk about in class.

Nick Elliott

Teacher, Woodmont High School

Preceden makes it so much easier to present a complicated multi-year story to the press. The process of putting all of the events onto a timeline has even given me several 'Ah ha!' moments — I'm seeing connections I wasn't aware of before!

Jean Batty

Government Affairs Liaison

I've been using Preceden since 2014 for creating timelines for my writing and for other media such as movies, TV series, etc. Having both an actual laid out timeline as well as a list of its events makes it easy to see the continuties of all the stories.

Sam S


Our agency was in need of a simple way to create and show clients a marketing timeline for our proposed services. Our intern came across Preceden and we haven't looked back. We use the timeline to give clients a high level overview of our marketing plan for their business. They love being able to easily visualize what otherwise would look like a very complex plan in a written proposal.

Jason Eagleson

Founder at Eighty6

I am also a homeschooling parent and was looking for an app to use for history studies. My main criteria were for the app to be online and simple to use. I evaluated at least five different downloadable apps and several online versions. The downloadable apps were way too complicated to use, and the online apps were mostly meant for social sharing. But Preceden is extremely easy to use and it lets me focus on my studies and not on the mechanics of organizing my notes.

Bryan Herr


Preceden is to me an invaluable resource for me to study and keep a record of things that happen in my life. Last year, while studying history, it was extremely practical to use Preceden to organize events and general historical periods, so that I got that visual idea of the order everything happened in. Now, studying architecture, it is very helpful to plan out project timelines and to keep a record of previous projects.

Erlend C. L. Birkeland

Architecture Student

Preceden has been a great tool for my thesis in which I have considerably enjoyed its convenience for encapsulating significant events. Anyone who seeks to create elegant and useful timelines will enjoy Preceden's practical interface.

Özlem Tunçel

Research Assistant, Boğaziçi University

As a freelance musician, Preceden allows me to see all of my long-term commitments at a glance. I keep a timeline posted on my fridge, so I can easily gauge my level of availability for gigs and projects at any time over the year. Not only does using this beautiful tool prevent overcommitment, but having a visual cue in my environment helps me focus and prepare long before my upcoming deadlines.

Karl James Pestka

Composer and Violinist

I am using Preceden to make a historical overview of my dissertation process. The layers are very helpful because they let me analyze different aspects of the process that occur simultaneously. I also love the colors, the user-friendliness, the space for comments, and just in general how intuitive it is.

Monica Sena-Boon

PhD Student

As a Civil War battlefield guide, I needed a way to keep track of when various events during battles and campaigns took place. I tried several other timeline makers, but most had complicated interfaces with a steep learning curve. Preceden lets me display historical events in chronological order and easily integrate maps, photos and text allows me to develop and plan guided tours for my clients. It makes staying organized so much easier!

Dean Harry

Civil War Battlefield Guide

Preceden has proven an extremely useful tool for both organizing and displaying data for my dissertation research. The simple-to-use interface offers the exact functionality that I need without distractions.

Melissa Sinclair

George Mason University

I teach art classes and I used Preceden to create an art history timeline to embed on my business website. I tried making a timeline using a spreadsheet, but it couldn’t do what I needed. Preceden is the right tool for my goals: very easy to use, visually pleasing, and easy to import to my site.

Greg Storer

Artist and Teacher

Preceden is perfect for my studies in college. The layers and color options allow me to see the historical context of an event at a glance. The collaboration feature makes it even more powerful because I can build complex timelines with my fellow students.

Miloš Gavrić

University of Amsterdam

Working on my novel with such an expansive chronology is no longer difficult to manage now that I have Preceden to help. The many tools it offers my timeline allow me to see the bigger picture of my story, like marking important events for my characters. I no longer have to deal with making eraser marks or fitting all the details onto a single page; Preceden allows for a malleable timeline which I can change as I see fit.

Steve Solano


I'm one of those guys that forget things... a lot. Trying to figure out my past professional works while writing a resume, I wanted a simple to use tool to help me remember all of them. Preceden came in to the rescue! I use it now to keep a timeline of important events in my lf so I never forget anymore!

Jean-Philippe Murray

Software Developer

The timelines that Preceden helps me create are perfect for my managers and executives who only need to see a high level overview of tasks and milestones. Simple and intuitive, I love using this tool!

Allen Lai

Technical Program Manager, Box

I'm using Preceden to make history timelines and to track important events in my personal life. Out of all timeline makers I've tried so far, Preceden is by far the most user-friendly. I especially love the way you can organize timelines in clear layers.

Karel Maes

Inkjetspecialist at Agfa Graphics

Preceden helps me keep track of my own life for memory's sake: when I worked certain jobs, what bands I was in, where I was going to school, holidays, etc. I'm a huge fan!

Ryan Tremblay

Digital Marketing Consultant

I was having a hard time organizing my notes and important dates in my AP History class, but now that I'm on Preceden, it's so easy to record and keep track of all my class notes, dates and significant historical figures.

Sam P


I absolutely love your application - Preceden. I just started using it and it flows just like my mind views things. It's so intuitive to use... I upgraded to a paid plan within an hour of signing up.

Scott Smith

CEO, War Pong

As a Release Manager I use Preceden to plan our high level release schedule as well as the detailed level release hardening activities. Preceden gives me a great overview of what is happening when and the simple user interface makes the job of setting it up simple and intuitive. My team of 100+ software developers can easily visualize where we are by finding the relevant timelines embedded in our internal knowledge-base.

Dagfinn Rosnes

Manager Software Development at Tieto

As a speaker, author, and blogger who deals with historical events, Preceden is an invaluable tool. Preceden helps me organize historical information into a clear, attractive, and information-rich format, which is exactly what people are looking for. With its ability to categorize people and information from thousands of years ago, I have yet to find a timeline system that works as well as Preceden.

Daniel Pentimone