Make an amazing timeline in minutes

Preceden is an online timeline maker that has helped more than 60,000 people just like you create beautiful, interactive timelines.

Here's an example. Try dragging it around:

5 Things You'll Love About Preceden

  1. 1 Preceden's user friendly design makes it easy to create timelines in minutes
  2. 2 You can organize your timelines into layers to keep similar events grouped together
  3. 3 You can keep your timelines private or share them with the click of a button
  4. 4 You can save your timeline as printable PDF files and embed your timeline on other websites
  5. 5 Teachers can share their Preceden account with their students for easy use in the classroom

10 Ways People Like You Are Using Preceden

  1. 1 Create an autobiography of the important events in your life
  2. 2 Students create timelines for class projects and academic research
  3. 3 Teachers share their Preceden accounts with their students to create timelines together
  4. 4 Managers use Preceden to plot their business milestones
  5. 5 Genealogy researchers create timelines of their family's history
  6. 6 History teachers create visual aides for teaching world history and biographies of historical leaders
  7. 7 Criminal justice professors create timelines showing the events leading up to a crime
  8. 8 Authors create plot and character timelines for their novels
  9. 9 Job hunters use Preceden to visualize their employment history
  10. 10 Reporters create timelines of ongoing current events
'I was thrilled to stumble across Preceden, a web-based timeline creator. With a few clicks you can make an interesting timeline that includes milestones, links, and privacy controls. The timelines are interactive — just click and drag to advance or recede — and can even be printed.' - Creative Pro