chris cahills timeline


Wind Storm 1897


There was a strom that haed so powerful winds people thaought there was a tornado coming there way and luckily there was not daths but there was a consiterabul amount of damge to the houses

King or Norrthers (Blizzard)


the tempature can decraess as rapidliy as 40°f

Galvaston finest hour


this was a very violent hurricane it killed close to 12,000 people. Some people think that the storm was just a rain storm but it is in fact a hurrcane

Goliad Tornado Of 1902


This is one of the most violent tornados it kileed 114 and and destroyed over 100 homes

Dirt Cave In


There was a dirt cave in, in bronte,TX there was 4 deaths when we heard at 5:00 P.M

Lightning Strikes


People are more likely to get struke by lightning than to win a million dollars just like in minneapolis on 7/13/1912

Austin Flood Of 1915


There where two fatalites in this natrual distaster and they I,D one of the laides who had passed away in this accident as the mother of the other one who passed away

Taylor Flood Of 1921


there was 23.11 inches of rain the record is 38.21 inches the total death toll was 215 there where 87 people in taylor and in wiliamson county there was 93 people who died in the flood

Airport Tornado


There was a tornado that hit Houston Texas in september 1 1930 there was 1 man killed and there where two hangers damaged

Largest Earthquake In Texas


the earthquake's magnatde 5.80 and the intensity is VIII (8)

The Great Dust Storm


Dust storms are very violent and it killed many people died

Jarrell Tornado


This tornado touched down in first in bell county about a mile west of I-35 it was a category 5 tornado it struck down in Jarrell,Texas

Hurricane IKE


There was a lot of damage and there where 74 deathes a lone in haiti and there where and 40 elsewhere, the lifespan of hurricane ike was 13 days