Miriam is born


The Fake Ivy Incident

10/01/1997 - 10/31/1997

When I was little, I would climb on anything, door frames, my crib, I was a human monkey. one day my mom heard me yell for help and she came in. Not even eight months old and I was on the wall holding on to two tacks that held up some fake ivy (My room was jungle themed) ready to fall. The thing was, I was almost to the ceiling. How I got up there, who knows?

"Mama! Can we play now?"

02/01/2000 - 02/29/2000

Again, when I was little (Mischievous, was I) my mom was unloading our dishwasher, with me running around in the background going "Mama! Look at me! Hey, look mama, look!" And she would say, "Just a minute, Miriam, I'm almost done!" this went on for a little while till it was quiet in the background. My mom felt a scratching up and down her leg, and heard in an eerie voice, "ma-ma, ma-ma" With each syllable the scratching either went up or down, my mom thought it was just my little fingernail, "Just a minute honey, I-" she turns to find a toddler (me) with a huge butcher knife, takes it away and I say, "Mama! Can we play now?"

Pets: Life And Death

Cocoa (and Marshmallow)

10/03/2001 - 10/08/2007

I then got two brother dwarf hamsters, Cocoa and Marshmallow. I got them from one of my friends, they were already two years old, and dwarf hamsters only live to be three, so my om thought they would die quickly. She was wrong! I had them for a year until Cocoa turned evil and tried to kill his brother, giving Marshmallow a painful scar on his stomach and split his ear. I gave Cocoa back to the original owners where he died a month later. I had marshmallow for another year and a half, making his six (I made him his birthday, October third) he was an old man of a hamster, blind in one eye, split ear, one foot with three toes, a big scar on his back. His brown fur was white and behind his ears he had course grey hairs sticking out. He was an eyesore, you bet. I took him to blessing of the pets and then he died a month after in his sleep, a blessing for him!

Sandy the Bearded Dragon

02/07/2006 - 06/07/2006

My first pet that was MINE I got for my ninth birthday, he was a bearded dragon named sandy. I got him right after he hatched. He was great, I would put him on my shoulder and read to him. He only got nine inches long until he choked on a cricket and died. It's not funny! ... Okay maybe a little.

Jack The Guinea Pig: the biggest mistake of Miriam's life

01/01/2008 - 01/01/2009

I got a guinea pig named Jack after that. Biggest Mistake Of My LIFE. Guinea pig crap is about as big and slimy as what Marshmallow did in a week! Jack was cute, but he was a handful, making my room smell like pee and leaving hairs all over the place. I would take him out into my front yard and he would mow the lawn. So cute.... I couldn't handle him any more so I gave him to this kid who's dad is a friend of my dad. He took him home and two days later we got the email from his mom saying how the kid got home and wouldn't stop playing with Jack because he was so cute, and in the morning her was dead. The boy was heart-broken. It turns out, because I showed the boy how to give Jack a bath and then we went to PetsMart (With jack in a blanket in my arms) to get his stuff, he died of Pneumonia.
So I haven't had any more pets (Shadow came after Duchess, we've had him for some time.) because I like the smell of my room, piss-free!