French Revolution


Louis 14

1643 - 1715

Louis 15

1715 - 1774

Louis 14 Grandson

Duke of Orleans- Regent

1715 - 1723

Gives Nobles lots of say
Brings back Remonstration

War of Austrian Succession

1740 - 1748

5% Tax


Because of War of Austrian Succession

7 Years War

1756 - 1763

1764 Emergency Tax


Parlelment says no
Louis 15 dismisses it
Appoints new minister

Rene de Maupeou Appointed


Louis 16

1774 - 1792

Not oldest son
Not prepared to be king

"What I should like most is to be loved"


Shows his as a weak ruler
Puts Remonstration back

American Revolution

1775 - 1789

Inspires French
Puts French in large debt

Turgot Fired


Franco-American Alliance


France helps American rebels to hurt England

National Budget Crisis

1780 - 1789

50% of French budget is going to pay interest
25% to military
6% to Versailles
20% for government to use

Estates General

July 1788 - September 1791

Aristocratic Revolution (Noble Stage)


Short stage

Bad Harvest


Large economic depression and a very bad harvest

Stage I

1789 - June 17, 1789

Bourgeoisie Stage

June 17, 1789

Stage II

June 17, 1789 - August 10, 1792

Legislative Assembly

September 1791 - August 10, 1792

Radical Stage

August 10, 1792

Robespeirre is shouted down

Stage III

August 10, 1792 - July 27, 1794

The Dual Threat

June 1, 1793 - August 31, 1793

External- 1st collation, fighting basically all of Europe
Internal- Those who think the revolution has gone far enough

Stage IV

July 27, 1794

Stage IV

July 27, 1794 - October 1795

Begins with Robespierre being shouted down
Ends with Insurrection of 13 Vendemiare

End of Revolution

October 1795

Aristocratic Revolution (Noble Stage)

Tax Proposal


Louis needs money for debt, land tax for all
Paris Parlement says no
Louis not as strong as Louis 15

Estates General

July, 1788

"What is the 3rd Estate?"

January 1789

Abbe Joseph Sieves makes a pamphlet for the 3rd estate
3rd estate is "Everything, it is the whole"

Election of Estates General

May, 1789

Every man over 25 could vote
1st Estate 308
2nd Estate 285
3rd Estate 621

Bourgeoisie Stage

Great Fear

June, 1789 - August, 1789

Peasant Revolt
End Feudal dues
Take the land
Destroy Enclosure

Oath of the Tennis Courts

June 20, 1789

King locks them out of their rooms
Go to the tennis court
Take an oath to create a constitution

Louis Orders them to Sit Separate

June 23, 1789

Louis Orders them to sit together

June 27, 1789

Storming of the Bastille

July 14, 1789

San Coulotles storm the Bastille
Take Bastille
Take gun powder
Kill guards
Parade the governors head around in the streets

Declaration of Rights of Man & Citizen

August 1789

Combination of our Declaration of Independence and our Bill of Rights
Classical Liberalists
No mention of "God" only the "Supreme Being"

Night of August 4

Aug. 4, 1789

National Assembly ratifies the "Great Fear" and ends Fuedalism

Edmund Burke- "Reflections on the Revolution in France


Predicts that the Revolution will get out of hand

Mary Wollstonecroft- "A Vindication of the Rights Of Man (Women)"


Replies to Burke
One of the mothers of women's rights

Civil Constitution of the Clergy

July, 1790

Takes Churches land and sells it to use as collateral
If the state supports the church, then tax payers get a say
On 7 clergy take oath
Pope goes against it

Women March on Versailles

October 1790

"Make the chatter box shut up, we want bread."
Force royal family to move back to Paris, live in the Tuilleries

Olympia de Gouges- "Declaration of the Rights of Women"


Adds women to the "Rights of man and citizen"
Gets giliteened
One of the Mothers of womens rights

Flight to Varennes

June 20, 1791

King and royal family dress as peasants and try to flee the country
Noticed 40 miles from Austrian Boarder

Declaration of Pilnitz

August 1791

Prussia and Austria warn France that under certain circumstances, they will get involved in the revolution

Legislative Assembly

September 1791

Elected by the wealthy who have a stake in the success of the government


Sept. 1791

Lasts 10 months
Has a king and a Parlemont

1st Coalition

April 1792

L.A. declares war on Austria and Prussia- Austria and Prussia are the 1st coalition
Not smart
Get destroyed

Brunswick Manifesto

July 1792

Prussian General Promises utter destruction if anything happens to Louis

Radical Stage

The Insurrection

August 10, 1792

Right after Brunswick Manifesto
KIng Suspended
L.A. calls for a National Convention
Provisory Executive Council takes power
Everyone wants a say

September Massacres

September 1792

Mob breaks into prison and kills all the nobles and clergy in there

Monarchy Abolished

Sept. 21, 1792

National convention meets and makes a more democratic constitution
France wowed the world and became a republic
What do you do with Louis?

Propagandist Decree

Nov. 19, 1792

National Convention declares war on all kings of Europe
Promises French aid to anyone who wants to revolt

Smoking Gun

November 20 1792

Louis letters to other monarchs asking for help found in chest in Toulerielles
Louis conspiring against new government

Trial and Execution of Louis 16

January 1793

Louis found guilty of treason and voted to be put to death

Power Struggle in National Convention

June 1793

Girondins arrested for- Royalism, military failures
Mountains take full power-side with the san coulot

Jacques Hebert

March 1794

Wanted revolution to intensify
Wanted more terror
Very extreme

Jacques Danton

April 1794

Thinks Revolution has gone far enough

Law of 22 Prairial II

June 1794

Speeds up rein of terror
no more defense council
people are tried in batches of 50

Inauguration Ceremony

June 8, 1794

Rob introduces his new religion
Supposed to be amazing
Wood is wet and only smokes
Beginning of the end from him


July 1794

Stopped counter revolution
won the wars

Stage IV- People take back power

9 Thermidor

July 27, 1794

Robespierre is shouted down, beginning of the last stage

The Directory


The directory makes a new constitution
5 directors
COuncil of 500
Council of Ancients
2/3 of both councils needed to have come from National Convention

Insurrection of 13 Vendemiare

October 1795

Mob wants to storm Toulierisses
Napoleon saves the day with his grape shot
End of revolution

Important Calendar Dates

From Rob's New Calendar

Bastille Day

July 14 1789


August 10, 1792

Death of Louis 16

January 21, 1793

Mountain kick out Girondins

May 31, 1793