Untitled timeline


Europe 1348 (Decameron)


Little is known of Laura except that she died of the plague on 1348

Europe 1434-1464

1434 - 1464

Cosimo de Medici won control over Florence's government. He died in 1464

Europe 1452-1519

1452 - 1519

Leondaro planned scholarly works and great feats if engineering that were never completed

Europe 1453


Christian scholars in Constantinople fled to Rome with Greek manu- scripts when the Turks conquered Constantinople

Europe late 1460's


Donatello’s statue was created

Europe 1469


Cosimo de Medici's grandson Lorenzo de Medici came to power

Europe 1475-1564

1475 - 1564

Michaelangelo was a renaissance man. He excelled as a painter, sculptor, architect, and pope

Europe 1528


Baldassare Castiglione wrote a book called the courtier