Annie Reed


Mortal Life

February 23, 1690 - February 23, 1735

Born, raised, lived and died as a mortal. Mostly.


February 23, 1690

Purified Life

February 23, 1735 - June 1, 2013

Love Life

Romance: Stephen

May 15, 1727 - February 23, 1750

From the island experience to the first time Stephen died since she knew him.

Stephen Died

February 23, 1750

Some of Annie’s old friends, seeing her youthful again, gathered her up and started burning her at the stake. A Hunter, who was on her trail, was there, performing an exorcism, which had the possibility of actually draining her before she died. In saving her, Steven’s body was destroyed, and he took heavy spiritual damage, causing him to retreat deep into the Spirit Realm to recover.

Stephen returns

June 3, 2012 - June 1, 2013

Stephen returns and they pick up their relationship.

Mundane Events


February 23, 1690 - September 17, 1704

Grew up in Tortuga, during the decline of piracy on the island.

A Pirate's Life!

September 17, 1704 - July 13, 1715

Disguised as a boy, Annie signs up to be a deckscrubber aboard a buccaneer ship, under the name of (PLACEHOLDER).

Met Stephen Smith

October 3, 1714

During a raid on a passenger heavy merchant vessel, Annie's captain dismissed the man standing on the bow of the ship, who was warning them that he could not stand by while they threatened the lives of the innocents on the ship.

As the captain ordered them to make ready to board anyway, Annie was the only one to see him drop off the rail of the ship, and start running across the water. Minutes later, the crew below started bellowing that they were taking on water.

As the pirates panicked and tried to fix the ship, Stephen reappeared on the railing of the merchant vessel as they sailed away.

Captain Reed

October 4, 1714

After a very disheartening failure by the captain, Annie stepped up and took control of the ship and crew, coming out as a woman.


July 13, 1715 - December 3, 1730

During these years, Annie and her crew make a good living hunting down pirates and shuttling cargo and passengers.

Letter of Marque

July 13, 1715

After a few very close calls, Annie is offered, and accepts a letter of marque, becoming a privateer in service of Puerto Rico's governor.

Met Stephen Again

April 15, 1727

Stephen Smith, the man who heralded Annie's rise to the Captain seat, reappeared on Annie's ship, having booked passage.

But 13 years later, he looked exactly as he had when she first saw him.


May 1, 1727 - June 29, 1727

During a storm, Annie was swept off deck while helping her crew. Stephen jumped in after her, and when she woke, they were on an island, where they spent almost 2 months waiting for rescue. It was during their stay that they became romantically involved.

Every Little Treasure

February 20, 2005

Annie opened up a Burlesque house based off of her former ship.

Purified Life

Initial Study to Purify

June 30, 1727 - December 3, 1730

After having spent almost 2 months with Stephen on the island, Annie chooses to pursue Purification. While she arranges to end her career, at least temporarily, Stephen teaches her the basics of what she needs to study.

Intense Study

December 3, 1730 - February 23, 1735

Annie retired to one of Stephen's residences to focus solely on studying the alchemy and occult practices needed to successfully complete her ritual.


February 23, 1735

Encountered the Truth

June 3, 2012

She found Stephen again as he was battling something that couldn't be real...

Glancing back, Stephen disengaged from the...thing...and dashed towards her. He grabbed her and unceremoniously tossed her over his shoulder as he ran.

After this, he sat her down and tried to explain the thing away, which didn't work. After she threatened to go back and search the thing out, Stephen was forced to tell her about the Truth, and recruit her into the Accord, and almost immediately brought her to the Gatekeepers.