Animal farm Important Event Timeline (Final)

Chapter 2

In this chapter, the pigs show their first sign of control and selfishness when they steal the milk and apples.

Milk and Apples are Taken


This is when Squealer states that the milk and apples are for the pigs and the pigs only. This could be the first time that the pigs take matters into there own hands and ignore all of the other animals.

Chapter 3

In this chapter, the pigs show their first sign of control and selfishness when they steal the milk and apples.

Chapter 4

In this chapter, the pigs show their first sign of control and selfishness when they steal the milk and apples.

Napoleon give Snowball a Metal


This is after the Battle Of The Cowshed when Mr. Jones tries to retake the farm. The animals drive them back and after the battle, Napoleon give Snowball a metal for "Hero First Class"

Chapter 5

Snowball comes up with the Windmill Plan


This is before the election to see who is going to be the leader pig between Napoleon and Snowball. Snowball comes up with a plan for a windmill to automate many jobs around the barn and power the barn.

Napoleon Urinates on Snowballs Plans


This a part of the book were I think that Napoleon shows a vast amount of humanness. When he urinates on Snowballs plans and shows a very human like feeling: Jealousy.

Napoleon Summons the attack dogs


This is just during the election to decide who will be the leader. When Napoleon makes a unusual wimpier and six large attack dogs come rushing the barn and going straight for Snowball. The dogs drive Snowball away and Napoleon becomes not a leader, but a dictator.

Chapter 6

Work is increased for all animals except pigs


In This part of the book Napoleon and the pigs decree that everybody except the pig would have to work on sundays to get rations. This is a less extreme case of what is was like with Mr. Jones. All the other animals do the work and the pigs just sit back.

The pigs engage in trade on behalf of the farm


During a surprise meeting in the barn. Napoleon announces that the farm will be trading with neighboring farms. This was a shock to the animals because the point of animal farm was to have nothing to do with humans. It is also very human-like to trade.

Chapter 7

Pigs Start to wear clothes


The "traitors" are killed

7/68 - 7/75

Napoleon ordered that the hens rations be stopped and that anybody who gave them a ration would be killed. Many of the hens died from this and many other animals who were thought to be "traitors". This was in violation of Commandment 6 which states that no animal shell kill another animal. That commandment is changes to: No animal shall kill another animal without cause.

The hens rebel


When the hens rebel it is really the first sign of rebellion in the book. When Napoleon tells them they have to give there eggs up. The hens think this is crazy and no different than Mr. Jones.

Chapter 8

The Pigs drink Brandy


The pigs find a crate of whisky in the cellar and start to drink it. Now this has human written aaaaalllllllllll over it.

Chapter 9

Napoleon becomes the President


Now very late in the book Napoleon makes himself president and over all leader of the farm. This meant that the other pigs didn't have much say ether.

Chapter 10

The farm animals cannot distinguish between the pigs and the humans


"The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig , and from pig to man again: but already it was impossible to say which was which."This was the very last line in the book and also the best. It really just sums up the book in one line.