Untitled timeline


World War I

June 18,1914 - November 11, 1918

Germany meets Italy during the war and captures him but eventually sends him back for being annoying

World War II

09/1/1939 - 09/2/1945

Cold War

1945 - 1991

Communism vs. Democracy or Russia vs. America

North America

Christopher Columbus discovers America


Actually he discovers Cuba and Cuba becomes a Spanish colony

Sweden and Finland try to set up a colony in America

1655 - 1683

Sweden and Finland wind up beaten up by Netherlands while attempting to create a colony in the continent of North America. While there, they discover the new nation of America. After England and France hear of the discovery, a war starts over who shall own the child....

England gains custody of Canada

1763 - 1867

Canada remains under England's rule until his independce on June 1, 1867

Revolutionary War

1775 - 1783

The grown-up America fights against England for his independence

Cuba becomes independent


Cuban Revolution



Rome dies after his final battle with Germania

456 AD

The Life Of The Holy Roman Empire

962 - 1806

Holy Roman Empire was officially destroy by Napoleon Bonaparte but lost life after the Thirty Years War

Holy Rome takes a interest in Chibitalia


(HRE believes Italy is a girl)

The Hundred Years War

1337 - 1453

England and France face off in the 100 Years Wars and it eventually ends as a victory for France.

The First Battle Of Tannenberg


Poland and Lithuania face off against the Teutonic Knights and their leader (Prussia), in the Battle Of Grunwald

The Life of Jeanne Of Arc

01/06/1412 - 05/30/1431

The life of Jeanne D'Arc, who aided the French troops in the 100 Years War. After having been captured, she is eventually burned at the stake on May 30th, 1431.

The War of Roses

1455 - 1485

England and France are involved in the Wars Of The Roses.

Italian Wars

1494 - 1559

France and Holy Roman Empire battle for control over the young Italy.

Spainish Hapsburg

10/20/1496 - 11/1/1700

This also marks the date of the marriage between Austria and Spain

Renaissance Era begins in Italy

1499 - 1599

(ends in 16 century)

Sweden War of Independence

1520 - 1522

Sweden and Finland gain independence in running away from Denmark. Following this event, Denmark recognizes Norway as a follower and they form a sort of double-kingdom.

Spainish Habsburg (Marriage of Spain and Austria)

04/21/1521 - 10/1/1700

Spain gains custody of Romano and Italy becomes part of The Holy Roman Empire

1559 - 03/17/1861

The Italian Wars end. Romano winds up in the custody of Spain. At the same time, Italy becomes part of Holy Roman Empire's household, having been claimed by Austria on his behalf.

Spain and Turkey fight over Romano

1561 - 1567

Spain becomes involved in a war against Turkey, in order to protect Romano.

The Dutch Revolt

1568 - 1648

Netherlands achieves independence from Spain and becomes estranged from his sister Belgium, who stays under Spain's control. The expenses of the war cause Spain to fall further into poverty. He proceeds to lose territory, due to an invasion by France.

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

04/01/1569 - 10/24/1795

England manages to defeat Spain's "Invincible Armada"


Thirty Years War

1618 - 1648

Holy Roman Empire throws himself into the Thirty Years War and slowly falls to ruin over the course of it.

The Polish-Swedish War

1621 - 1629

The Polish-Swedish War occurs, though Sweden and Finland bow out of the war, leaving Poland and Lithuania with no one to fight.

The Second Polish-Swedish War

1655 - 1660

War of Spanish Sucession

1701 - 1714

European Powers fight over who would succeed Charles II as the King of Spain

The War of Austrian Sucession

1740 - 1748

Prussia tries to seize Austria's 'vital regions' with the help of Spain and France

Seven Years War

1756 - 1763

Prussia and England form an alliance in this war, due to having found out that Austria and France now operate on the same side.

Seven Years War

1756 - 1763

Prussia and England form an alliance in this war, due to having found out that Austria and France now operate on the same side.

Russia also joins Austria's side, in what would come to be known as the Diplomatic Revolution.

The first partition of Poland by Russia, Prussia, and Austria.


Marie Antoinette becomes the queen of France.


The French Revolution.

1789 - 1794

Poland winds up partitioned for the second time by Russia and Prussia.


The third partition and subsequent "extinction" of Poland


. Lithuania winds up living with Russia.

France Takes Over Austria


France, with the help of Napoleon, defeats and takes over Austria. At this time, Napoleon has become a successful commander of the Italian forces.

Napoleonic Wara

1803 - 1815

France takes over nearly every territory except for England, Turkey and Russia

Napeolen Reign

1804 - 1815

Vienna Conference

1814 - 1815

Napoleon Wars reach their end, as Europe has fallen into a state of chaos.

Greece Becomes Independent

1821 - 1829

Greece becomes involved in a war for his independence from Turkey. With the help of England, France and Russia, he manages to break free and defeat both Turkey and Egypt.

Belgium Becomes Indepedent

1830 - 1831

Belgium fights for her independence from Netherlands in the Belgian Revolution and wins.

Unification of Italy


The Kingdom Of Italy is established, reuniting both Italy brothers under the same roof. However, the complete unification would not be achieved until 1870.

Austria-Hungary Monarchy Is Established


Austria and Hungary sign a pact to support each other in wars. They proceed to marry, forming the dual monarchy of Austria-Hungary.

Austo-Hungarian Empire

06/08/1867 - 10/31/1918

Spanish Civil War

1936 - 1939

The Warsaw Pact Is Formed

05/14/1955 - 04/01/1991

The Warsaw Pact is established between the Sovient Union and the satellite nations to support each other in war against NATO

France proposes to England


France proposes to England, in an attempt for the two of them to marry as he fears dying due to the crisis his people have been in


China Finds Japan

500 - 800

App. Date unknown

Macau becomes a Portugese Colony

1537 - 1999

Japan meets the future daimyo - Oda Nobunaga


then known as "The Fool Of Owari"

Japan comes out of isolation


Japan withdraws from the outside world, beginning his over 200-year isolation known as the Sakoku.

Frist Opium War

1839 - 1842

England and China face off for the first time

America Travels To Japan


America travels to Japan's homeland to demand he begin trade with the West.

America and Japan make a Alliance


Second Opium War

1856 - 1860

England and China face off for the second time

India Is completely taken over by England


Vietnam Becomes A French Colony


Hong Kong Leased To England

06/09/1898 - 07/01/1997

Korea is annexed by Japan


Taiwan breaks off from China


Vietnam Becomes Indepedent


Vietnam becomes independent from France

India Becomes Independence


Siam is rename as Thailand


China becomes Communist


Having won the Chinese Civil War, Mao Zedong proclaimed the People's Republic of China.

Hong Kong is given back to China


Macau Is Given Back To China As A SAR



France colonizes Seychelles

1756 - 1810

Cameroon as a German Colony

06/05/1884 - 02/1916

Cameroon was a Germany colony until the end of WWI when it was partition between France and England.

Middle East

The Ottoman Empire

06/27/1299 - 11/1/1922

Turkey as the Ottoman Empire after he conquered Byzantine

Greece Under Ottoman Rule

1453 - 1821

Greece was under Ottoman Rule from the fall of Constantine under the Greek War of Independence

Egypt Evalet

1517 - 1867

Egypt is a state directly under the rule of the Ottoman Empire

Seige of Vienna


The First Siege Of Vienna: The Ottoman Empire attempts to seize the capital of Austria, after having successfully defeated and conquered Hungary.

France allies with the Ottoman Empire, but they both surrender due to a violent response from the Austrian forces.

Battle Vienna


Austria faces off against Turkey in the Battle of Vienna. Turkey winds up defeated by the combined strength of Austria, Hungary, and the rest of Europe.

Khedivate of Egypt

1867 - 1914

Egypt became an automous state of Egypt to end following the defeat of Napoleon.

Sultanate of Egypt

12/19/1914 - 02/28/1922

The name of Egypt as a short lived protract of the United Kingdom

Cyprus Becomes Independent


TRNC Proclaims Himself independence from Cyprus


Balearic & Canary

Spain starts conquesting Balearic

1229 - 1239

Spain conquering Canary

1402 - 1495

Spain Meets Canary


Turkey invades Balearic


(First Time)

Turkey invades Balearic


(second time)

Turkey invades Balearic


(third time)

England Takes Over Minorca

1713 - 1756

He also takes custody of Balearic

France gains custody of Balearic

June 1756 - 1763

England gains Balearic back

02/10/1763 - August 19, 1781

Invasion of Minorca

09/19/1781 - 02/5/1782

Balearic Under Spain's Rule

01/20/1783 - 11/15/1784

The first date corssponds with Mincora being return to Spain

Balearic Is Return To England

1798 - 1802

Battle of Majorca

09/16/1936 - 10/12/1936

The Republic planned to drive the Nationalists away from Majorca and reclaim it for the Republic

Balearic Becomes A Automous Reigon


Canary Becomes A Automous Region



Seborga proclams himself as a micronation


Sealand Becomes A Micronation


Hutt River proclaims himself a Micronation


KugelMugel Is Created


Ladonia Becomes a Micronation


Molossia Is Created


Wy Proclaims Herself as a Micronation