Untitled timeline


Rosa Parks

1913 - 2005

Refused to let a white person take her seat.
Got arrested.

Greens Boro sit ins


Used a strategy of nonviolence
In 1939 African American women did a Sit In.

The case of Emmett Till

1941 - 1955

African boy.
He was murdered in Mississippi at the age of fourteen.
He was murdered because he flirted with a white woman.

Brown vs. board of education


Case where the court established state laws in seperate schools for blacks and white.

Little Rock Nine


A group of African American students.
They tried to enter a segregated school.

The Freedom Riders


Civil Right activist who rode interstate segregation buses.
The first freedom ride left Washington D.C.
They would challenge local laws or customs.

Birmingham Alabama Church Bombing


They still bombed the church after the speech "I have A Dream" which was presented by Dr.Martin Luther King.
When the bomb exploded four girls died afterward.

Bloody Sunday


Bloody Sunday marked an emotional peace in the American civil rights movement.
The First march took place in March 7 protesting a important death.

M.L.K assassination


It happened in Memphis Tennessee.
He was the leader of and American Civil Rights Movement alliance.
He was 39.