Civil Rights


Brown vs Board of Education

1857 - May 31 1955

This scenario was to end segregation in public school education. Many people that took part in this case were teachers, secretaries, students and more. All people and officials wanted to be treated equally in public schools.

The case of Emmett Till

August 24 1955 - January 24 1956

This event occurred during the summer of August. Emmett, a 14 year old Chicagoan, was visiting his relatives who lived down south in Mississippi. Apparently, Emmett was hanging out with his cousins and family when he entered a grocery store and aggressively insulted a white woman in the store. He was then hurt severely and thrown to a river. His body was later found.

Rosa Parks (Fight for integration on busses)

December 1, 1955 - December 1956

Rosa Parks, a female African-American, got out of work and boarded the Montgomery bus. However, she near the middle of the bus instead of back of the bus. The bus was full and a white man entered the bus and Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat for the white man. Rosa Parks was arrested for breaking the law.

Little Rock Nine (Integration into schools)

September 25 1957 - May 27, 1958

The Little Rock Nine were nine African American Students who entered an all white High School. Everyone was in shock through out the country. The president, Dwight D. Eisenhower, called in unit of national guard soldiers to prevent the 9 students from entering the school. In september 23, the nine students entered the school. All nine students endured harsh pain, verbally and physically. One of the students moved to a different high school, due to all of the hate.

Greensboro sit ins

1960 - 1969 This was an event to end a racist America in the 1960's. This were harmless protests that people joined in so people of all races would have equal rights and not judge you by your race.

The Freedom Riders

May 4 1961 - November 1961

This was an event to end segregation across public transportation in America.The first "freedom ride" had over 10 people. In a few weeks, African-Americans were beat severely on buses and endured major pain

Birmingham Alabama Church Bombing

Sept. 15, 1963

A bomb exploded on the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham. 4 children were killed at the explosion. 20 other people were injured severely. This church was to hold meetings for civil rights.

Bloody Sunday

March 7, 1965

Over 600 civil marchers were heading east out of Selma. The civil marchers only got 6 blocks of traveling. After the 6 blocks of traveling, state lawmen attacked the marchers. The lawmen attacked the civil marchers with toxic gas and clubs to attack which made the marchers go back to Selma.

Martin Luther King Jr's Assassination

April 4 1968 - April 4 1968 7:05 PM On April 4, Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated at Lorraine motel in Tennessee where he was shot without warning and was announced dead at 7:00 PM. Many African Americans went on the street to riot. They wanted to know who killed MLKJR. Therefore, the FBI investigated and accused James Earl Ray of the murder.