Untitled timeline


Little rock nine

1954 - 1957

These were a group of kids who were enrolled. they were forced to not enter their school because it was segregated.

Brown vs. board of education

may 1954 - 1955

Segregated schools protested. it eventually went to the supreme court.

Emmett Till

August 1955 - June 2005

He was a fourteen year old boy. he was kidnapped, torchured and murdered. This couple who went to the shop where he worked at were held accountable for his murder and they captured them in 2005

Rosa Parks

December 1955 - 1979

She fought for her rights. she was arrested because she sat at the front of the bus refusing to give up her seat. she continued to do that.

Greensboro sit in


This was three boys who went to a restaurant and protest. this went on for days and more and more people joined.

The freedom riders

1960 - 1961

People who rode buses that are supposed to be segregated. They rode around the town.

Birmingham Alabama Church Bombing

1963 - 2004

There was a bombing at the church. the church was a baptist church that contained blacks. four girls in their teens were killed. it was a sunday, and sunday school.

Bloody sunday

March 7 1964

People who protested. there were about 600 people marching. they broke up the group. this happened in Selma

Assination of Marther Luther King Jr.

April 1968

Marther, who had said a wonderfully powerful speech at the park about how everyone should have equal rights was assinated. they assinated because he spoke out for people, and he was the reason why people started doing tthings for people to have equal rights.