The Cold War

Confrontation of the Superpowers

The Truman Doctrine


It stated that the U.S would provide money to countries, threatened by Communist expansion.

Policy of Containment


George Kennan argued for a policy of containment to keep communism within its borders and to prevent further Soviet aggression.

Marshall Plan

June 1947

Also called the European Recovery Program proposed by General George Marshall. Plan was designed to rebuild the prosperity and stability of war-torn Europe. Soviet Union thought the Marshall Plan was an attempt to buy support of countries.

Unifying Germany

February 1948

Not only was Germany divided in to four sections, but so was Berlin. The U.S., Britain and France were making plans to unify their three sections of Germany and Berlin and create a West German Government. Soviet Russia opposed the idea and created a blockade where no food or supplies would be allowed in the West three parts of Germany. The Berlin Airlift was created where American and British airplanes would fly in supplies and food to the western part of Germany.

Council for Mutual Economic Assistance


Soviet union provided economic cooperation to Eastern European States but it failed because the Soviet Union could not provide financial aid.

Soviets Lift Blockade

May 1949

Soviet did not want a world war 3 either so they eventually just gave in and lifted the blockade.

Federal Republic of Germany

september 1949

West Germany was finally untied and the capital was Bonn

German Democratic Republic

september 1949

Less than a month later, the Soviets created a separate eastern state and east Berlin became the capital.

Spread of Cold War

Soviet Atomic Bomb


The us and the soviet union were involved in a growing arms race in which both countries built up their armies and weapons. They believed that if one nation attacked the other with nuclear weapons, the other country would still be able to fight back and devastate that country.


April 1949

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a bunch of countries joined and it stated that if one country was attacked, all the rest would come and help.

Hydrogen bomb


the U.S. and Soviet Russia both developed the Hydrogen bomb which was more deadly than the atomic bomb.

Warsaw Pact


Soviets made this pact and it made europe once again divided into hostile alliances just as in world war 1.

Sputnik 1


Russia sent first man made space satellite to orbit the earth

Berlin Wall

August 1961

eastern government started to build a wall to separate east berlin from west berlin. wall soon was guarded by barbed wire, floodlights, machine guns and vicious dogs. was a symbol of the division between the two superpowers.

Hiding Missiles in Cuba


Khrushcehv from Russia starts hiding missiles in cuba.

Hotline Communications


communications between moscow and washington dc was installed so the two superpowers could communicate in times of crisis.

Vietnam and the Domino Theory



President Lyndon Johnson sent a lot of us troops into Vietnam to help north vietnam not make south vietnam communist.