Forming Middle East - Billy C


Growth of Ottoman Empire


Ruled by a kind called a Sultan. The rulers of the empire we Turkish

Decline of the Ottoman Empire

1699 - 1915

Outer territories were the first to split off the empire.

Arab Nationalism

1880 - 2010

Arabs join together with a common purpose between them, to achieve political and social goals, mainly want a homeland.

World War I

1914 - 1918

Huessein-McMahon correspondence


British diplomat McMahon writes to Sharif Hussein, with vague promise of homeland if Ottoman Empire breaks up with Arab help

Hussein-McMahan Correspondence


British promised independence and future country if Arabs revolt against the Ottoman Turks

Armenian Genocide


Turkish rulers worried that Armenians were helping Russians, killed many Armenian leaders and intellectuals. An estimated 1-2 million people were killed by the Turks.

Sykes-Picot Agreement


Secret agreement between British and French to divide up the Ottoman Empire if it failed.

Balfour Declaration


British promised Zionist leaders a homeland in Palestine.

Ataturk leads war of Independence


Fights against western occupying forces and establishes an independent Turkey. Leads country in secular reforms.

Arab Revolt

1920 - Present Day

Arab populations revolt against European colonial rule.

Sykes-Picot agreement goes into affect.

1920 - 1948

British control Palestine, Jordan, and Iraq and establishes Jewish homeland in Palestine following Balfour Declaration.

France controls Syria and Lebanon.