Ancient Egypt


Early Settlement

6000 BC

In 6000BC early people settled in the Nile valley. Egyptians began to use clay and silt from the river to make pottery vessels like those in the museum gallery.


5000 BC

Around 5000BC many Egyptians farmed sheep and cattle. Some Egyptians grew wheat and barley on the fertile land on the Nile valley.


4500 BC

Around 4500BC, sails were used on Egyptian ships for the first time. Boats were the main form of transport in Ancient Egypt.

Craftsmen and hieroglyphic symbols

3500 BC

Around 3500BC craftsmen began to create the first wall paintings using hieroglyphic symbols in the Egyptian writing system. You can see some examples of these in Gallery 34 at the museum.

Early Housing

3000 BC

Around 3000BC walled towns and villages were built in Egypt. The first buildings were made of mud brick. At the museum you can see a terracotta model of an Ancient Egyptian House.

The construction of the the Great Sphinx, Pyramids of Giza and the Old Kingdom

2500 BC

Around 2500BC Egyptians built the Great Sphinx and the Great Pyramid at Giza. 2500BC to 2000BC was the 'Old Kingdom' period.

Many royal tombs are built in the Vally of the Kings

1550 BC

It was around 1550BC that many of the royal tombs were built in the Valley of the Kings. 1500BC - 332BC was the period of the 'New Kingdom'.

King Tutankhamen is Buried

1325 BC

Around 1325BC, King Tutankhamun was buried in the Valley of the Kings. In 1922 his tomb was discovered, inside were wonderful treasures and the mummy of the Pharaoh covered by a beautiful gold death mask.

Egypt is invaded by Alexander the Great

332 BC

In 332BC Egypt was invaded by Alexander the Great and was then ruled by Greek Kings. The era of the New Kingdom ends.