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Civil War Timeline

10 major events from the Civil War.

The Beginning of the Civil War

April 12, 1861

Apr 12. The beginning of the American Civil War takes place at Fort Sumter in South Carolina. Confederate troops captured the fort allowing Union troops to leave.

Battle of Bull Run

July 21, 1861

Jul 21. First Battle of Bull Run (aka First Battle of Manassas by the Confederates); it was the first land battle of major proportions in the Civil War. The battle took place near the city of Manassas in Prince William County, Virginia. There were more than 2800 casualties at this battle.

Battle of Hampton Roads

March 8, 1862

Mar 8. A naval battle pitting the Union and the Confederates, the Battle of Hampton Roads take place near Sewell’s Point in Virginia. The Battle featured the ironclad battleships Monitor and the Merrimack.

Battle of Stones River

December 31, 1862

Dec 31. Fought in Middle Tennessee, the Battle of Stones River is one of the major battles that had the most casualties from both sides.

Battle of Chickamauga

September 19, 1863

Sep 19. The last of the Confederates win was the Battle of Chickamauga, fought in Georgia. General Braxton Bragg led the confederates while the Union was under the command of General William Rosecrans.

Battle of the Wilderness

May 5, 1864

May 5. Battle of the Wilderness. The battle pitted Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee. This was literally a battle of wits, one general trying to outsmart the other. Casualty estimates reach 30,000 from both sides.

Battle of spotsylvania

May 10, 1864

May 10. Battle of Spotsylvania. Part of the Overland Campaign, the battle represented another example of the fierceness of the Civil War. Total casualties numbered at 32,000. Again, General Lee had the upper-hand during the skirmishes.

13th Amendment

January 31, 1865

Jan 31. The United States Congress abolishes slavery by passing the 13th Amendment.

Robert E. Lee

February 6, 1865

Feb 6. General Robert E Lee is named as General-in-chief of the Confederate army.

Appomattox Court House

April 9, 1865

Apr 9. General Lee of the Confederates surrender to General Grant of the Union at the Appomattox Court House in Virginia, thus ending the Civil War.