By: Johnathon & Caitlin


Invented the shaduf and used it

3000 bc - 100

A lever like board with a "bucket" on the end used to lift water from the Nile River.

The Old Kingdom

2700 bc - 2200 bc

The Middle Kingdom

2000 bc - 1800 bc

New Kingdom

1600 bc - 1100 bc

King Tut's reign was 1333bc-1324bc during the New Kingdom

The pyramid was invented

3200 bc - 525 bc

The pyramids were the burial chamber of the Pharaoh.

The Arabians took over Egypt

525 bc

Queen Cleopatra's reign was 69 bc to 30 bc

Queen Cloepatra let herself be bitten by a cobra when the war got out of hand. She was also the last Pharaoh of Egypt