Steve K


E4: Disciplinary Action- General Counseling


Temple Disciplinary Report (1/22/13)

E4: Disciplinary Action- Written Warning


Temple Disciplinary Report (1/22/13)

E4: Disciplinary Action- Verbal Counseling


Temple Disciplinary Report (1/22/13)

E4: Disciplinary Action- 3 day suspension without pay


Disciplinary Report, dated 1/22/13

C9: Deadlines Shortened on Credit Memos & Collection aged Data


" Credit memos for 26 years had a 1 week time limit to be entered into Banner. It was changed... to all credits must be entered prior to departure on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday." (Karashoff email, Flashbacks, to Legis Group, 5/2/13)

"Collection aged data was changed from 3 months to 30 days." (Id.)

C9: Allegations of Temple Acting Against Client's Interest

8/1/2012 - 1/24/2013

See Email from Karashoff to Legis Group (5/2/13)

C9: Sudden and Unusual Increase in Workload


"In mid December, Webb and Cook allowed the entire control group to take of the week prior to Winter Break, including Webb. Very busy week as everyone wants to be paid before year end. Client is only Control person to audit work. Normal workload is to audit 400-600 invoices per day, during this weel client had to audit 1000+ invoices per day. (Karashoff email, Flashbacks, to Legis Group (5/2/13)

C5: Applied for FMLA


"On January 9, 2013; I applied for FMLA for another non-related medical condition and the doctor who completed the form stated that I was unable to perform my job functions while taking narcotics. He stated I was unable to think clearly and decision making will be affected."

E4: Termination Report


-No Final Written Warning
Notes: Category D 9 Violation- Gross Neglect
Notes: 33 separate errors and omissions putting the University at significant financial risk of $400, 850.44.

C5: Termination


See Karashoff Email to Dr. Simon Galapo (3/7/13)

E3: Signed Termination Settlement Letter



C1: Email: Raise Awarded

11/14/12 - 11/15/12

Email from Russo to Karashoff. Awarding him a 2% raise.

C2: Letter: Dry Socket, Daily tx

12/26/12 - 12/27/12

Letter from James J. O'Larnic, DDS to Karashoff regarding need to be treated in his office daily for dry socket.

This letter was not filed with HR, per Karashoff

C10: Informed Supervisors that he was working on reducing medications

1/1/13 - 1/10/13

"I had advised all of the parties that attended the termination; several weeks prior; that my Pain Specialist believed that the medication could be slowly reduced to be at a level that may not affect my work performance while still providing me with some relief from chronic pain." Email from Karashoff to Dannefesler & Corbitt, My Suggestion for a Warm and Just Farewell, (1/30/13).

C7: Email: Karashoff to O'Rourke, Annunziato, Russo, Cook

1/26/13 - 1/27/13

"It appears that I was in denial and that in truth I no longer can be certain that I can protect Temple University's assets. If I error (sic); the cash is out the door. This has happened way to (sic) often in the recent past. Fortunately; we was(sic) able to recover all of our assets."

C7: Email from Karashoff to Thomas F. Johnston

1/27/13 - 1/28/13

"I was terminated because my [sic] medical conditions." "I am reaching out to high level administrators for their support to allow me to apply for Temple's short term/ long term Disability insurance benefits."

C3: Email from Karashoff to Carrasquillo

2/17/13 - 2/18/13

Karashoff expresses states that he will need to apply for Prudential disability benefits.

C9: Admission that client can't work


Over the last year, I have been in denial about my ability to work to acceptable standards. Throughout the year I have notified you and/or your assistants of complications at work, but I did not inform you of the extent of the mental and physical problems I was encountering as I needed and wanted to continue to work.

C5: Email from Karashoff to Dr. Simon Galapo

3/7/13 - 3/8/13

"I have been in denial about my ability to work to acceptable standards..... [I] did not inform you of the extent of the mental and physical problems I was encountering as I needed and wanted to continue to work."

C4: Email from Karashoff to Weinstein

3/7/13 - 3/8/13

Email to Weinstein at Silver and Silver informing him that he had applied for disability with Prudential.

C6: Email to ? Requesting Advice on Applying for SSD

3/20/13 - 3/21/13

Notes he was denied disability benefits and needs to know how to file for SSD

Medical Records

M1: Client injured On Temple Shuttle


Correspondance from SIBAL Associates, Inc., 2/8/11

M2: Evaluation from Simon Galapo (Pain Management)


Approximate date condition commenced: 2009, indefinite duration.

Able to perform job functions.

Suffers from lumbar ddd; lumbar radiculopathy and facet arthopathy, left low back pain with radiation into left lower extremity inclusive of legs and foot; pain on extension, left lateral bending and rotation of the lumbar spine, multiple muscle spasms throughout the lumbar spine.

May need to be absent when he experiences an exacerbation of his chronic pain; to attend PT and to receive a series of injections.

1-2 times per month, 1-5 days per episode.

Employment Documents

E2: Denial of Workers Compensation


Notice of Workers' Compensation Denial

E6: Employee Review 2011


For essential functions, reviewed on 4 essential functions for average score of 3.0.

E5: Employee Review for 2012


Overall Rating of 2.69 which falls between, "Good Solid Performance (3.0) and "Meets minimal expectations and standards (2.0).

"Steven does a good job in many areas, however there are areas athat need improvement. He has difficulty meeting deadlines, and problems arise when he does not meet his deadlines. He also has difficulty when his research involves speaking to a vendor, this causes considerable delays in resolving A/P issues. Steven has expressed a desire to improbe and I will be working with Steven on these issues in FY'13."

Client was rated on 1-4 scale for 8 areas identified as "Essential Functions" of his position, and scored an average rating of 2.94, which should be interpreted as "Performance meets job expectations. Good Solid Performance."

E1: FMLA Leave Documentation (Dry Socket)

12/26/12 - 1/8/13