Untitled timeline

King Philip

Philip II becomes king

359 BC

Philip II becomes the king of Macedonia, the northernmost kingdom of Greece.

King Philip is Murdered

336 BC

Philip II is murdered by a courtier at a summer feast to celebrate the wedding of his daughter.

Alexander's Childhood

Alexander is born

356 BC

Alexander is born in the heart of the Macedonian kingdom, Pella.


343 BC

The Greek Philosopher, Aristotle is employed as tutor to Alexander, then 13.

Homer's Iliad

343 BC

Homer’s Iliad becomes a big inspiration for Alexander, who will keep the scrolls of the text in his tent later during his conquests.

First succesful military campaign

340 BC

Aged 16, Alexander the Great leads his first successful military campaign, against the Thracians.

Alexander's Battle Life

Alexander becomes leader

336 BC

Alexander takes the place of his father as leader of the campaign against Persia.

Alexander sets out

334 BC

At the age of 21, Alexander marches east with 5000 cavalry and 30,000 foot soldiers.

Alexander defeats a Persian army

334 BC

Not far from Troy, at the river Granicus, Alexander and his army defeat a Persian Army

Alexander defeats Darius III

333 BC

Alexander defeats the emperor of Persia, Darius III. He captures Darius’ family and treats them with courtesy.

Alexander cuts the Gordian Knot

333 BC

Alexander becomes the ruler of Asia when he manages to cut the Gordian knot.

Alexander defeats Tyre

332 BC

After seven months of a siege, Tyre, the only city to give Alexander serious resistance, is taken and destroyed.

Alexander arrives in Egypt

332 BC

Alexander the Great arrives in Egypt.


332 BC

While in Egypt, Alexander founds Alexandria.

A son of God

331 BC

Alexander travels far into the desert, to a famous oracle of the sun god Amon. Here the priest recognizes him as a son of god.

The battle of Gaugamela

331 BC

Alexander again defeats Darius III at the battle of Gaugamela. This leaves Persia open to his advances.

Xerxes at Persepolis

330 BC

After a long rivalry between Greece and Persia, Alexander finally destroys the great palace of Xerxes at Persepolis.

Alexander Marries

327 BC

Alexander marries Roxana

Alexander's Later Life

Hephaestion Dies

324 BC

Hephaestion, Alexander's long term best friend, dies of a fever. A grief stricken Alexander erects shrines in his memory.

Alexander Dies

323 BC

At the age of 33, Alexander dies in Babylon, after a banquet.

After Alexander's Death

The New Kings

323 BC

Alexander's generals decide that the new heirs to the throne should be his half brother, Philip III, and his son by Roxana, Alexander IV.