Jewish History



37 B.C.E - 4 C.E

-heard was the ruler at the time.
- he was good to the Jews and Muslims-
- he gave the sanhedrin less power.
- he brought the exiled Jews back to isreal from Egypt and babylone.

Tanaic Period

10 C.E - 220 C.E
  • There are diffrent eras in judism
  • In this time, The gemarah was made

Jewish Revoult

66 C.E - 70 C.E

-The Jews were split up into to diffrent sections.
- The Jews Revoult against the Muslims

Destruction of the 2nd Temple

70 C.E
  • In the year 70, The Romans destroyed the 2nd Temple.


80 C.E
  • After the Jews were exiled out of Jerusalem they moved to Yavneh

Bar Kochba Revolt

132 C.E - 136 C.E
  • This was the 3rd and last rebellion against the Romans.
  • This revolt established an independent state of Israel for a few years to the Romans took it over.

Amoraic Period

200 C.E - 500 C.E
  • In this period, the Amorim taught the Gemarah.
  • They codified the Gemarah.

Gaonic Period

589 C.E - 1038 C.E
  • There were two major schools in this time
  • One in Sura, and one in Pumbedita.
  • The head of the schools were considered the supreme judge.

The Golden Age

700 C.E - 1492 C.E
  • This Golden Age happened in Spain.
  • This was an amassing time for the Jews.


1040 C.E - 1460 C.E
  • Maimonides, Rashi, Nachmanides, Ibn Tibbon, etc. we're all Rishonim.


1478 C.E - 1834 C.E
  • This was started by King Ferdinand of Aragon and Queen Isabella of Castile.
  • It forced conversions to Christianity ( not only the Jews, but also the Muslims).


1492 C.E

-The expulsion was part of the inquisition.
- On July 39, 1492, the whole Spanish Jewish community (200,000 people) were kicked out of Spain.
- Most ended up in Turkey, North Africa, Italy and parts of the Arab world. They became known as Sephardim.