Untitled timeline


gunterbred invented the printing press

1451 - 1452

this allows to translate the bible and now every body can red it.

Christopher columns

1492 - 1493

discovered the Americas

Erasmus wrote a book that named problems in the church

1516 - 1517

his work laid the foundations for Lauthers reformation

Luther posts 95 thesis

1517 - 1518

in Gutenberg, nailing documents to the church door was a common way for sharing ideas with the community. the ninety-five thesis martin Luther posted, however created far more debate than other such documents, the items listed there, argued against the sale of indulgences

William Tyndale translated the bible into English.

1525 - 1526

this allowed people to read the bible and start to question the practices of corrupt church leaders

Ignatius of loyal

1534 - 1535

he founded the Jesuits, the major spearheads of the counter-reformation

king Henry

1534 - 1535

the major figure of the reformation in England

Francis Xavier

1541 - 1542

he was invited to got to the east indies by john III of portugal


1542 - 1543

to enforce their decision ,the Spanish monarchs ordered the Spanish inquisition to find and punish any Muslims or Jews left in Spain.

Nicklaus Copernicus

1543 - 1544

council Trent

1545 - 1546

the results of the council Trent were :
the selling of ingenuousness is banned.
bishops must live in the areas hey observe.
the ideas of Luther, Calvin and other reformation leaders are dejected


1562 - 1563

they were french protestants

st Bartholomew's day massacre

1572 - 1573

Catholics attack and kill Protestantism in France

tycho brahe

1577 - 1578

emphasized the importance of careful observations and detailed, accurate records.

edict of Nantes

1598 - 1599

granting religious freedom in most of France

johannes kleper

1600 - 1601

he discovered that the planet mars did not move in circle

francis bacon, rene decartes and the scintific methoth

1610 - 1625

the led the scientific method a method for gathering `and testing ideas about the world

galileo galilei

1613 - 1614

he was the first person to study the sky with a telescope

treaty of Westphalia

1648 - 1649

ended the thirty war

sir issac newton

1687 - 1688

the high point of scientific revolution was marked by him