Reformation and Scientific Revolution Project



Printing Press and Gutenberg Bible printed

1451 - 1452

The Printing Press was invented by Johann Gutenberg. It made books much quicker to make and speard more quickly. The first Printed bible was made in Latin languge in 1455. Then later on, the bible was translated into different language.

Luther posts 95 Thesis

1517 - 1518

A letter that was posted on the door of the church saying things that was corrupt about the church and why luther opposed it.

King Henry VIII

1534 - 1535

Henry the VIII was a major figure of the reformation, King Henry started a new Church called the Anglican Church or Church of England. The reason he started this speartion of the Catholic Church was because he wanted the pope's approval to end his marriage and to re-marry again with a young women. The pope said no. So the reason he sperated from the catholic church was because of personal reasons that he had with the pope.

Counter Reformation


1542 - 1543

Spanish monarch ordered the Spainsh Inquistion to find and punish any Muslims and Jews left in Spain. The Spainsh Inquistion hunted down any Muslims and Jews and made them to convert to Catholicism. By the late 1400s and 1500s the Catholic Church was stronger then ever.

Concil of Trent

1545 - 1546

The Concil Of Trent was a meeting in Trent, Italy. All leaders of the Catholic Church discussed, debated, and eventually reform Catholic teachings.

Effects of the Reformation


1562 - 1563

The Hugenots were French Protestants. The Catholics and the Hugenots has many years of bloody war. It started with the french king which was catholic decided to get rid of all Protestants in France. He punshied or exiled any Protestants he found.

St. Bartolmew's Day Massarce

1572 - 1573

The worest incident of the war was the St. Bartolmew's Day Massarce in August 24 , 1572. That night Catholic rioters killed about 3.000 protestanta in Paris.

Edict of Nantes

1598 - 1599

Edict of Nantes- religious freedom in most of france. It allowed Protestants to live and worship any where except for Paris.

Scientific Revolution

Nicolaus Capernicus

1543 - 1544

Capernicus published/ discovered that the sun was the center of the solar system.

Johannes Kepler

1600 - 1601

Kepler discovered that the planets orbit the sun in elliptical, that planets move faster when they are closer to the sun, and the human eye sees images reversed, like a camera.

Francis Bacon, Rene Descartes, and the Scientific Method

1610 - 1625

Francis Bacon and Rene Descartese they both observe, gather data or imformation. Then they did experiments to test there theory. Bascially it led to the scientific method

Galileo Galilei

1613 - 1614

Galileo invented the telescope,he was also one of the most important people in the scientific revolution.He also discorverd mountains and craters on the moon.

Sir Isaac Newton

1687 - 1688

Sir Isaac Newton was interested in learning about the nature of light.Newton proved that however that light is actually made up of the colors of the rainbow.