Male Timeline of Events


English Public Schools Play

Jan 1 1800

English Public Schools begin to play a game very similar to hockey but with a rubber cube instead of using a ball

Modernized Hockey

Jan 1 1849

Teddington Sports club modernized the game by introducing the round ball to the game and the striking circle.

Teddington Club starts to draw up rules


Teddington hockey club starts to experiment with a stick game based on the rules of football. The game was played on a cricket pitch and with a cricket ball but the rules implied were those of football. The game interests young athletes

Rules drawn up and finalized: New sport of hockey evolves with rules!


The rules had been drawn up including the banning of the hockey stick above shoulder height and stipulating a shot at goal must take place within a circle.

Field Hockey in India


British servicemen brought the sport of field hockey to India, first clubs founded in Calcutta

The Hockey Association Founded


The first ever hockey association founded in 1886.

First female hockey club


The first women's hockey club, Molesey Ladies, was founded in 1887. Women's field hockey grew rapidly around the world.

International rules board founded


International rules board founded

Summer Olympics


Field Hockey was first played in the olympics in 1908.

Artificial turf used


Artificial turf was used, starting in the early 1970s. This changed the dynamics of field hockey because it increased speed. Unfortunately, artificial turf was bad news for field hockey heavyweights Pakistan and India because it was too expensive, compared to wealthier European countries, and Australia, Germany and the Netherlands began to dominate.

Women compete in Olympics


1980 was the first year that women's field hockey was an Olympic sport. The Netherlands, Germany and Australia are consistent leaders, as in men's field hockey.