Untitled timeline


Reformation of Christianity

1451 - 1534

Printing Press

1451 - 1452

printing press made it possible to print books and spread info faster.

Scientific Revolution

1492 - 1625

95 Theses

1517 - 1518

luther posted 95 theses. he criticized the catholic church, and convinced people to correct he churches mistakes.

King Henry VIII

1534 - 1535

in 1534 King henry opened a church called the church of england that followed his rules.

counter reformation

1534 - 1545

The Spanish Inquisition

1542 - 1543

The Spanish Monarchs or Spanish inquisition to find and punish any Muslims or Jews left in Spain. The inquisition was brutal in carrying out these orders.

The Council of Trent

1545 - 1546

Held in Trent, Italy, this meeting was called The Council of Trent. At this Meeting, Clergy, came from across Europe to discuss, debate, and eventually reform catholic teachings.

St. Barthelomew's

1553 - 1617

As recorded by statesman and historian, De Thou (1553-1617), who was a witness to the events on St. Bartholomew Day as a youth. Here, he is relating the events leading up to the Massacre and the orders of the Queen of France, Catherine de'Medici.


1562 - 1563

hegenots are also called french protestants.

effects of the reformation

1562 - 1598

Edict of Nantes

1598 - 1599

A document that granted religious freedom in most of France