3000 b.c - 400 a.d

Hieroglyphics was a writing system developed by Egyptian people. People used hieroglyphics to write on buildings and tombs. Hieroglyphics were also used to write on papyrus and record stuff.

Start of irrigation

3000 b.c

There was flooding. They built canals to help run off the water. It also helped water fields and grow crops and since the crops were rich, people had more job choices.


3000 b.c

Was gladeater that escaped the Romans and took about 80 other gladeaters with him. When he escaped he went to mount vasuves



Pompaii was a town in ancent Egypt it was the same town with the volcano called Vesuvius. Whan Vesuvius erupted the city was preserved by the lava.



The olympics back then were just like today's Olympics,but less rules. Women weren't allowed to play. And he games were dice, wrestling, hurtles,


500 - 800

Egyptian paper called papyrus was made by pressing reeds together into flat sheets.Scribes wrote on papyrus in hieroglyphics.

The wheel


The wheel was invented in the time of Mesopotamia. It was first used as a pottery wheel and then later put on chariots and later other devices of transportation.