Middle Ages

Middle Ages

United Empire

27 BC - 395

The time when the Roman Empire was split in half, but still one empire

Roman Empire

27 BC - 476

The full duration of all components of the Roman Empire

Byzantine Empire

395 - 476

The Western half of the Roman Empire after the east had fallen


400 - 600

Franks begin to rule Roman Gaul


425 - 1066

A very intimidating, warlike people of the Middle Ages

Middle Ages

500 - 1500

Clovis dies


When Clovis died, his kingdom grew and rule was spread throughout his male heirs

Islamic Empire

610 - 1031

When the Islamic church ruled over the Middle East

Battle of Tours


Charles Martel defeated the attacking Moslems in France.

Charlemagne crowned


Charlemagne was crowned emperor on Christmas Day of 800

Treaty of Verdun


The Treaty of Verdun ended the fighting between the three brothers over the land


900 - 1300

Political, social, and economic, and military parties that you were born into

Battle of Hastings


Norman cavalry defeated Saxon infantry

The Crusades

1096 - 1272

The series of 10 short wars between the Christians and the Muslims

The Siege of Jerusalem


The Holy Land was taken by the Christians

Hundred Years' War

1337 - 1453

A war between England and France

The Fall of Constantinople


A brutal take down of the great city of Constantinople by the Ottoman Turks