Middle Ages

Middle Ages

Roman Empire

200 - 476

One of the most wealthy empires of all had been around for a very long time before being Conquered in 476.

Byzantium Empire

476 - 572

After taking over the Roman Empire they had flourished to the fullest butt then after being captured and conquered by the Germanic tribes.


511 - 987

Germanic tribes who invaded the Byzantine Empire and who took over and became known as the franks and ruled for a very long time.

Islamic Empire

600 - 800

They had also flourished as so did the Byzantium Empire but then also latter captured by the turks


793 - 1066

People from Scandinavia who fought with brute force and would do anything to get what they want when they want. Their armies were one of the fiercest armies ever.


850 - 950

A time of when Vikings and Christians had agreement in which they gave land to the vikings so that they could convert to chrisanity

1st Crusade

1096 - 1099

Freeing the Holy Lands and was led by Count Raymond IV of Toulouse. He was proclaimed by many wandering preachers, notably Peter the Hermit.

2nd Crudade

1144 - 1155

Crusaders prepared to attack Damascus. 2nd Crusade led by Holy Roman Emperor Fredrick 1st. Richard the 1st made a truse with Saladin

3rd Crusade

1187 - 1192

Led by Richard the Lionheart of England. Phillip the 2nd of France and Roman Emperor Fredrick the 1st

4th Crusade

1202 - 1204

Led by Fulk of Neuil French/Flemish advanced on Constantinople.