Middle Ages

Middle ages

United empire

27 BC - 395

Rome is one empire yet divided in two.

Roman Empire

27 BC - 476

The entire Roman empire

Byzantine Empire

396 - 475

Easter Rome's last days after the collapse of Western Rome

Middle Ages

500 - 1500

Death of Clovis


Clovis king of the Franks dies.


511 AD - 987 AD

Starts at Clovis governing it and uniting the Germanic tribes and many rulers later it comes to a climax and then slowly declines and they break apart into three different groups.

Islamic Empire

610 - 1031

Islam rule in the Middle East

Battle of Tours


Charles "the hammer" Martel fights off invading Muslims.


793 - 1066

Ended with Norman conquest.

Charlemagne crowned


Charlemagne was crowned on Christmas day of that year.

Treaty of Verdun


Ends land dispute


850 AD - 950 AD

A class system putting Kings at the highest point and peasants at the bottom. It Made it so the a king owned all the land and would give it to his many Vassals.

Battle of Hastings


Normans win Sazon lose.

1st Crusade

1096 AD - 1099 AD

The peoples crusade was a war for the Holy land


1096 - 1272

Fights between Christians and Muslims over the Holy land.

Siege of Jerusalem


Taken over by the Christians

2nd Crusade

1144 AD - 1155 AD

Attack on Damascus. Led by Conrad III and King Louis VII

3rd Crusade

1187 - 1192

Ended with truce with Saladin

4th Crusade

1202 - 1204

French advance on Constantinople.

Children's Crusade


A crusade of only children, ended miserably.

Hundred years war

1337 - 1453

English VS. French

Fall of Constantinople


Take over of Constantinople by the Ottoman Turks