Middle Ages Timeline


Middle Ages

Roman Empire

509 bc - 476 ad

Rome Falls


The Roman Empire fell after it was split in two

Middle Ages

476 - 1453

The Middle Ages were known as the Dark ages because there was a loss of learning, education, and trade


496 - 987

Clovis rules in 511 and the Carolingian Dynasty rules from 751-987. The Franks lived in Gaul, present-day France. Some other rulers were Charles Martel and Charlemagne

Byzantine Empire

500 - 1453

The byzantine Empire was created when the Roman Empire split in two halves. The capital was Constantinople

Clovis Dies


He ruled from 481 to 511 and converted him men into christians

Islamic Empire

610 - 1258

The muslims were ruled by the Umayyads, the Abbasids, and the Fatimid dynasties

Battle of Toors


Charles Martel fought against the Muslims near Spain. This was an important battle because it guaranteed Spain would be ruled by Christians


793 - 1056

Charlemagne Crowned Emperor


Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne emperor

Treaty of Verdun


Louis The Pious gave his empire to his three sons, Louis The German, Charles The Bald and Lothiar, spliting the Frankish empire into 3


911 - 1300

Fuedalism started when Rollo went to King Charles the Simple ready to attack and King Charles gave the vikings land if they wouldn't attack

Battle Of Hastings


William The Conqueror defeated the Saxtons. This battle showed the importance of archers and calvary.

1st Crusade

1095 - 1099

Battles are started at Antioch and Nicaea. Pope Urban calls for a Holy War in Clermont to help the emperor of Constantinople fight the Turks

The Crusades

1096 - 1272

The Crusades were a series of Holy Wars fought between the Christians and the Muslims for Jerusalem

2nd Crusade

1144 - 1155

Ended with the looting of two christian cities, Zara and Constantinople

3rd Crusade

1187 - 1192

Richard The Lionhearthed of England, King Phillip of France and Emperor Frederick Barbarosa. Ended with a truce between Richard The Lionhearted of England and Saladin.

Hundred Years War

1337 - 1453

France fought England and won.

Byzantium Falls


The Byzantine Empire fell to the Turks