Untitled timeline


Yalta Conference

February 4 1945 - February 11 1945

The three leaders from the Allie side came together and discuss conditions.


May 8 1945

Marks the victory of the Allies in WWII

Potsdam Conference

July 16 1945

They decided to give Japan conditions and they must "immediately agree to surrender or face prompt and utter destruction"

V-J Day

August 6 1945 - August 9 1945

U.S dropped atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Rise of Berlin Wall

August 13 1961

They put a wall up in Berlin to keep their citizens from fleeing to the west.


Marshall Plan is announced

June 5 1947

America put money into European nations to help the spread of communism

Berlin Blockade

June 24 1948 - May 12 1949

They blocked all transportation to cut the western part off of supply, America helped supply them with supplies.

Soviets explode first atomic bomb

August 29 1949

They tested their first atomic bomb and it alerted the US because they did not expect them to do so.

Mao Zedong

oct 1 1949

He went against the nationalist and got power

Korean War

June 25 1950 - july 27 1953

It was the first military action in the Cold War


Hollywood Blacklisting


Writes, producers, and directors were questioned about their work

Joe McCarthy

Feb 1950

He is tried to find communist acts and punish the people he caught.

Juius and Ethel

July 1950

They shared info to the USSR about the US's plans


Jan 20 1961 - Nov 22 1963

Elected President and killed two years later.



1954 - 1975

Independence from France

Cuban Missile

October 1962

US figured out that the USSR was pointed missiles at Cuba