Steven Castiglione Time line for U.S. history.


Bessemer Process Invented


Foreign- Henry Bessemer creates a new and effective way to turn iron into steel. The old way was cost effective and didn't yield as much steel as the Bessemer way had. This is the year which it is patented.

Transcontinental Railroad

1863 - 1869

Domestic - The Transcontinental rail road is created by joining and creating a series of railroads which unite the east and west over land cutting the time to go in only 5 days which is a godsend at the time.

13th Amendment


Domestic - The 13th amendment abolishes slavery and servitude of all kind and in all forms.


1865 - 1889

Domestic - The period after the civil war, were the North tried to help rebuild the southern economy with programs and financial aid. Was part of Abraham Lincoln's 3 initial things needed for the South after the war.

14th Amendment


Domestic - The 14th amendment defines the right and guaranties citizenship to all though's which apply legally.

Seward's Folly


Foreign - Secretary Seward purchases Alaska from the Russians, was though to be a foolish decision but in the long haul has provided the United Sates with more recourses than any other state so far.

Standard Oil Comapny Founded


Domestic - John D. Rockefeller founds standard oil company, to provide a cheap and reliable oil the people could trust and depend on.

15th Amendment


Domestic - The 15th amendment prohibits the denial of suffrage based on skin color or ethnic background and denomination.

Homestead Strike


Domestic - At Andrew Carnegie's flagship steel factory the workers go on strike and barricade themselves in the factory demanding better work conditions but are answered with reckless mercenaries who shoot at them.

Annexation of Hawaii


Foreign - The annexation of Hawaii is a result because the native Hawaiians are starting to rebel and form a coalition to thwart the newly gained American immigrants who are there to farms me help develop the area.

Spanish American War

1896 - 1901

Foreign - The Spanish are violating the Monroe doctrine and are initializing a war between the United States, also they allegedly sink the U.S.S Maine

Open Door Policy


Foreign - The Open Door Policy was a law which allowed all nations access to trade freely with china. Predominantly was United States, England, France, and Russia.

Square Deal


Domestic - Teddy Roosevelt creates a series of law which limit the amount of power that cartels, trusts, and monopolies had over the country. These laws are set in place because for the first time in U.S. history the most powerful man in the nation isn't the president.

Model T


Domestic - Henry Ford creates the first affordable car for the everyday man, this is a break through because it revolutionized a whole new industry.

16th Amendment


Domestic - Allows the federal government to tax e people with the income tax which provides more money to the government.



Domestic - National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, founded to help the tension facing African American by attempting to stop racism. Forms as a result from increased tension and severe riots facing African Americans.

Triangle Shirtwaist Fire


Domestic - A fire breaks out on the 11th floor of the Triangle shirtwaist factory were young girls were making shirts, many die because there wasn't proper work conditions so they can save money and cut cost which changes as a result of this.

New Freedom


Domestic - New Freedom was proposed by president Woodrow Wilson, which encourage the regulation of the banks so that no bank could have more money than the government.

Panama Canal


Foreign - A canal that made shipping over seas easier but was a government take over by rebels funded by the U.S. Government, so the United States could get a deal which allowed the U.S. government to create a canal connecting the east and west via shipping over seas

18th Amendment


Domestic - Prohibition is instituted which prohibits the selling and manufacturing of alcohol and alcoholic product.

Treaty of Versailles


Foreign - The treaty of Versailles was the treaty which was developed by the United States with Wilson's 14 points which end the the First World War between the allied and the Germans and Austrian - Hungarians. If this is followed to the dot WWII would not have happened or would have had a different turn out.

19th Amendment


Domestic - the 19th amendment allows all women of age to vote in the United States of America, and takes a very long time to pass but eventually happens and comes down to being passed by just one vote.

Harlem Renaissance


Domestic - The Harlem Renaissance was a period were new ideas of literature, music, and life came about to the african american culture and the rest from Harlem New York.

Radio Station KDKA


Domestic - Radio Station KDKA was the first radio station ever and provided emergency news to a mass audience and was able to travel a vast distance over land and sea.

Black Tuesday


Domestic - The stock exchange crashes leaving thousands destitute and in shambles

Dust Bowl


Domestic - The once fertile land of the west has become so over used the top soil has no nutrients to hold it together.

New Deal I

1933 - 1934

Domestic - FDR has meeting with the people of the united states through radio informing them on how the progress was going

Fire Side Chats

1933 - 1944

Domestic - FDR has chats with other nations on how the well being of the world is going and keeping an eye on the hostility in central Europe

New Deal II

1935 - 1938

Domestic - FDR continues with his talks with the nation on the progress through the radio on WWII

Court Packing


Domestic - FDR tries to pack the supreme court house so he can pass more bills easier because congress kept getting in his way.


1938 - 1945

Foreign - The rounding up of jews and other and putting them in a group and killing them by gas or gun or starvation.

Munich Pact


Foreign - A pact with Germany agreeing that Germany will stop there expansion.

Pearl Harbor


Domestic - The Evil Japanese attack the fleet in pearl harbor which causes the US to enter the war.

Lend Lease Act


Foreign - An act which allowed the US to fund nations with supplies and money for there war campaigns

Atomic Bomb

1942 - 1945

Domestic - The creation of a bomb which can split an atom causing a massive explosion resulting in the end of the war and all of wars to follow.

Japanese Internment Camps

1942 - 1946

Domestic - The US government takes Japanese american and puts them in camps over the united states for there protection

Battle of Midway


Foreign - A battle between the US and Japan which let the US gain a strong grip in the western front.

Bataan Death March


Foreign - A march in the Philippines done to the allied forces which killed many of them and was very sad and caused america to pursue the Japanese even more

Battle of the Bulge


Foreign - A BAttle in the western front which had helped the US gain a better control of the region in decimating the Japanese

D Day


Foreign - The largest single attack of the war an entire army of two nation taking siege of the beaches of Normandy all thought of by Dwight D. Eisenhower.

V E Day


Foreign - The victory and end of the war in Europe and Japan, victory for the allied.



Foreign - A formation was created to have all the nations of the world come together and solve there problems without war.


Abraham Lincoln

1861 - 1865

Domestic - 16th President

Andrew Johnson

1865 - 1869

Domestic - 17th president

Ulysses S. Grant

1869 - 1877

Domestic - 18th president

Rutherford B. Hayes

1877 - 1881

Domestic - 19th president

James A. Garfield


Domestic - 20th president

Chester A. Arthur

1881 - 1885

Domestic - 21st president

Grover Cleveland

1885 - 1889

Domestic 22nd president

Benjamin Harrison

1889 - 1893

Domestic - 23rd President

Grover Cleveland

1893 - 1897

Domestic - 24th president

William Mckinley

1897 - 1901

Domestic - 25th president

Theodore Roosevelt

1901 - 1909

Domestic - 26th President

william Howard Taft

1909 - 1913

Domestic - 27th president

Woodrow Wilson

1913 - 1921

Domestic - 28th president

Warren G. Harding

1921 - 1923

Domestic - 29th president

Calvin Coolidge

1923 - 1929

Domestic - 30th president

Herbert Hoover

1929 - 1933

Domestic - 31th president

Franklin D. Roosevelt

1933 - 1945

Domestic - 32 president

Harry S. Truman

1945 - 1953

Domestic - 33rd president