History of Death Isle


Burning Bay


B.P. was drilling for oil in what is now burning bay. they had an oil leak, then one guy dropped his old cigarette over the edge. the bay caught on fire and is now Burning Bay.

Death Isle Foundation


Manuganu founded Death Isle and put millions of ghost slaves to work.

Death Volcano Eruption

2004 - 2005

On feb. 4th, 2004, Death Volcano erupted, scorching everything within miles,killing thousands, and putting millions of ghosts to work for eternity. This lasted for a year and a month.

Ash Forest Fire

2004 - 11/03/2004

The ash forest caught on fire and took almost a year to be put out.

Death Sea


One ghost was eating lunch by the ocean side. Accidentally, he dropped part of his lunch in the ocean. All of the environment within a mile died. It is now referred to as Death Sea.

Toxic Waste Leak


The military of Death Isle was preparing to go to war once. then, they called it off, so the military had nothing to do with the toxic waste, so they pushed it over and it spilled. Over half of Death Isle is now toxic.

Titanic Sink


The Titanic didn't really sink 50 years ago, it got lost at sea and eventually wound up at Death Isle, then it sunk.

People Massacre


A very lost lifeboat containing 5 people washed up on the shores of Death Isle. Then, the passengers died. It is now known as the Place where People Died.

Lava River Start


When Death Volcano erupted, there was a small hole at the bottom. Over time, the hole got bigger, and now a full river of lava comes spilling out.

Ghost Resurrection


The people of Death Isle are all dead, but will come to life again for 1 hr. on the 14th of May, 2013, at 2:00 pm.