Berlin Wall


125 deaths

1961 - 1989

125 people died trying to pass through the berlin wall

Border control


East German authorities order stricter border controls

Economic policy changed

8 September 1970

The SED Politburo introduces a change in economic policy

Negotiations between West and East

November 27, 1970

Begin of discussions and negotiations between the state secretaries

Four power agreement

September 3, 1971

The Four Power Agreement over Berlin is reached about negotiation visiting between West and East Berlin.

Transit Agreement

May 1972

The Transit Agreement is reached that arranged the matters of visits from one side to the other only in emergency

The Basic Treaty

December 1972

The Basic Treaty is signed in which both West and East Berlin committed themselves to developing normal relations on the basis of equality

Diplomatic ties

May 1973

East and West Germany establish formal diplomatic ties

Firing order

October 1, 1973

An explicit firing order is issued to a special team of Stasi agents tasked with infiltrating regular units of border guards to prevent their colleagues from defecting

Second wall

1975 - 1976

Build of a second wall starts to be built

New generation


1975 the third generation of Wall was replaced by the fourth generation

Three deathes

October 7, 1977

three teenagers die in a riot about tearing down the Berlin wall


June 12, 1987

President Ronald Reagan visits Berlin and tells Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall.