A Tree Grows In Brooklyn


Katie and Johnny are married

January 1, 1901

Francie Nolan is born

December 15, 1901

After Francie is born, Katie's mother comes and talks to her about education and creating a better life for Francie

Cornelius, "Neeley", is born


Katie decides that she loves Neeley more, but strives to hide this from Francie

The Nolans live in a flat at Grand Street in Williamsburg

1908 - 1918

This is where Francie and Neeley will grow up and where Johnny will die.

Francie and Neeley start school.


The teachers and students are especially mean and Francie is considered an outcast.

Francie changes schools


The school is in a better neighborhood. There are enough desks for everyone and the teachers actually care about their students. By going to this school, Francie will be able to get a better education.

Francie changes her habit of lying into telling stories


She does this when her teachers tells her to write stories after she lied to get a pumpkin pie.

Francie and Neeley attend a Protestant Christmas party


After Francie recieves the doll when she says that her name is Mary, all the kids make fun of her for being poor even though they are in the same situation as her.

Francie sees the old man in the yard.


She fears growing old where she believes that she can't be happy and will not be wanted.

Francie begins to grow up and no longer sees the world in a childlike way


Johnny dies of pneumonia and alcoholism.


After finding out that Katie was pregnant, Johnny goes out and Katie thinks that he decided to become a better man, he just didn't live long enough to fulfill this desire.

McGarrity give Francie and Neeley jobs


He hopes that they will be like their father and tell him about their lives, but they disappoint him in the end. This action shows them that Johnny hasn't entirely left them.

Miss Gardner tells Francie that she can only write happy stories

May 1916

According too Miss Gardner, sad stories are not worth reading. This causes Francie to burn all her compositions except for three that are about her father.

Annie Laurie is born

may 28 1916

Francie hopes that by helping Katie that they will become closer, but it doesn't.

Francie works for the Model Press Clipping Bureau

June 1916 - June 1917

She has to pretend to be two years older than she really is. During this time she becomes the head reader before the war hits and puts them out of business.

Francie and Neeley graduate from school

June 1916

Francie finds flowers on her desk that Johnny asked Sissy to buy before he died.

Francie stops going to school

august 1916

Even though Neeley would rather work, Katie chooses him to be the one to continue because she knows that Francie will find a way to be educated.

America enters World War I

April 6, 1917 - November 11, 1918

Francie goes to college

June 1917

This is the start to Francie getting a better education and where she meets Ben.

Francie gets a job at the Communication Corporation

June 1917

Francie dates Lee before he goes off to war


Lee leads her on even though he is going to war and is already engaged. When he leaves, Francie experiences her first real heart break.

Francie goes to the University of Michigan


Ben picks this school for her since he will eventually practice there. He has also given her a promise ring. Before Katie's wedding and before she leaves, Francie goes back to the places of her childhood to revisit those memories and see how far she has come.

Katie marries McShane


Katie will no longer have to work as a janitress and Laurie will not know the hardships they went through or the fun they had with Johnny.