mexixan american war


James K. Polk's term

march 4 1845 - march 4 1849

This is the time James K. Polk was president. Polk was the one who sent soldiers into mexico to obtain land.

The cause and effect.

november 1845 - february 2 1848

Polk wants to expand the U.S. He does the job but sheds alot of blood

The U.S. makes an offer

November 1845

The U.S. offers 25 million dollers for New Mexico and California and other states. Mexico declines.

Zachary taylor

1846 - 1848

This is from when he was called to the army to when he finished his last battle in the war.

The war

1846 - 1848

This is the duration of the war.

Polk sends troops to southern texes

january 1846

America declares war on Mexico

may 1846

Americans capture Monterey

july 1846

Two hundred fifty men capture Mexico's California capital.

Battle of San Pasqual

december 6 1846 - 12/07/1846

American soldiers barely survive this attack. It is one of the most controversial battles in the Mexican American war. People still disagree on who won the battle.

Buena Vista (La Angostura) Battlefield

02/22/1847 - 02/23/1847

It was knowned as the bloodiest war of all. The Americans won.

Fuerte de San Juan de Ulua

03/09/1847 - 03/29/1847

This is one of the Mexican's Forts.

Fort Andonega

april 1847 - september 1848

During the U.S. occupation of Tampico, this site would be visited by American soldiers in its vicinity.

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

February 2, 1848

Mexico gives us Texes and other territories as long as we do not try to take their land.