William Shakespeare's Life


WIlliam's Baptism

April 26, 1564 9:00 am - April 26, 1564 11:00 am

Took place in the Trinity Parish Church in Stratford-upon-Avon. No one knows the exact date of his birth so people believe it was on April 23, 1564.

Election of John Shakespeare as Bailiff

September 4, 1568 6:00am - September 4, 1568 7:00am

Shakespeare's father was elected for some civic positions such as chamberlain of the borough, alderman and high bailiff.

Shakespeare's Marriage

November 27, 1582 6:00am - November 27, 1582 7:00am

Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway

Baptism of Susanna

May 26, 1583 6:00am - May 26, 1583 6:01am

Shakespeare's first born child born six months after the wedding of her parents

Hamnet and Judith's baptism

february 2, 1585 6:00am - february 2, 1585 6:01am

They were williams second and third child. They were twins named after close friends of William. Hamnet tragically died at the age of eleven in 1596.

Shakespeare writes parts 1, 2, and 3 of Henry VI

1590 - 1592

The exact dates of the writing are not known but it is believed that this trilogy was written between 1590 and 1592.

First production of 1 Henry VI

March 3, 1592 6:00am - March 3, 1592 6:01am

Performed at the Rose

Registration of Venus and Adonis

April 18, 1593 6:00am - April 18, 1593 6:01am

Was published by Richard Field. THis particular poem was dedicated to Henry Wriothesley, Shakespeare's patron.

Registration of The rape of Lucrece

May 9, 1594 12:00am - May 9, 1594 11:00pm

He wrote seven line stanzas in iambic pentameter or better known as rhyme royal.

Burial of Hamnet Shakespeare

August 11,1596 6:00am - August 11,1596 6:01am

He died at the age of 11 and the cause of death is not known.

John Shakespeare Granted Coat of Arms

October 20, 1596 6:00am - October 20, 1596 6:01am

Garter King of Arms granted permission to John Shakespeare and his children to display the gold coat-of-arms, with a black banned and a silver spear.

Shakespeare buy new home in Stratford

May 4, 1597 6:00am - May 4, 1597 6:01am

For a total of £60, Shakespeare the second largest house in his home town. When Shakespeare moved in it was over 100 years old and came with ten fireplaces and two barns.

Opening of the Globe

January 1, 1599 - December 31, 1599

Shakespeare staged many of his plays and acted in the Globe. One incident in 1613 caused the Globe to burn down and was rebuilt ind 1614 and was then demolished in 1644

First production of Julius Caesar

January 1, 1600 - december 31, 1600

Fist recorded performance of this play.

Registration of As You Like It

August 4, 1600 6:00am - August 4, 1600 6:01am

Shakespeare's acting crew or The Chamberlain's Men, registered As You like it with a company by the name of Stationer's Company.

First recorded production of Richard II

February 7,1601 6:00am - February 7,1601 6:01am

This play was performed at the Globe

Burial of John Shakespeare

September 8, 1601 6:00am - September 8, 1601 6:01am

We don't know much about how old he was but we do know he was married to his wife, Mary Arden for 44 years .

Shakespeare purchases Land in Stratford

May 1, 1602 6:00am - May 1, 1602 6:01am

He purchased 107 acres of land for a total of £320.

First printing of Hamlet

january 1, 1603 - december 31, 1603

Was published by two London book sellers by the names of Nicholas Ling and John Trundell

FIrst performance of Othello

january 1, 1604 - december 31, 1604

the first recorded performance was before Kind James I and his royal court.

First performance of Measure for Measure

December 26, 1604 6:00am - December 26, 1604 6:01am

believed to be performed on St. Stephen's Day at the court of King James I

First recorded performance of King Lear

December 26, 1606 6:00am - December 26, 1606 6:01am

According to records it was first performed at WHitehall Place before James I

Marriage of Susanna and Dr. John Hall

June 5, 1607 6:00am - June 5, 1607 6:01am

This was a marriage between Shakespeare's daughter and a noted physician.

Burial of Mary Shakespeare

September 9, 1608 6:00am - September 9, 1608 6:10am

She was only 68 at the time of her passing and was buried at the Holy Trinity Church

Fire at the Globe theater

June 29, 1613 6:00am - June 29, 1613 6:10am

The thatched roof caught on fire after a discharge during a production of Henry VIII. Luckily no one was killed or injured but the Globe burned to the ground

Marriage of JUdith to Thomas Quiney

February 10,1616 6:00am - February 10,1616 6:01am

William shakespeare signs his will

March 25, 1616 6:00am - March 25, 1616 6:01am

This is the last document he ever produced.

William Shakespeare dies

April 23,1616 6:00am - April 23,1616 6:01am

No one knows how he died but some say it was because of too much drinking and a fever.

Burial of William Shakespeare

april 25, 1616 6:00am - april 25, 1616 6:01am

He is buried in the chancel of the Holy Trinity Church in Stratford. Written on his tomb there is a warning:
Good friend for Jesus sake forbear,
To did the dust enclosed here.
Blessed be the man that spares these stones,
And cursed be he that moves my bones