My Life


I was born!

1788 - 1789

I was born into an Agaidika tribe in Lemhi River Valley (near present-day Salmon, Idaho)
I was born in 1788-1789

I got kidnapped!

1799 - 1801

I was captured, when I was about twelve by Hidatsas. I was either sold or gambled away to Toussaint Charbonneau, who made me one of his wives.

I got pregnant!

1804 - 1805

I got pregnant with my first kid when the Corps of Discovery arrived near the Hidatsa villages. When the Corps of Discovery got there we went with them so we could translate.

My son was born!

02/11/1805 - 02/12/1805

My son, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, was born with the help of captain Meriwether Lewis.

They named a river after me.

05/14/1805 - 05/20/1805

I saved the thing that had fell out of the capsized boat, including Lewis and Clark's journals.

We located the Shoshone tribe

08/1/1805 - 08/31/1805

We located the Shoshone tribe and my brother Cameahwait was the tribes cheif. So we got clothes and a gruop of horses to go over the Rocky Mountains.

Later in my life

1806 - 1809

I spent three years in the Hidatsa village with my husband before I accepted Clark's invitaion to settle in St. Louis, Missouri. My son's education was left to Clark.

Our expedition is over

07/6/1806 - 07/13/1806

On our trip, we approached the Rocky Mountains. We then crossed the Yellowstone River basin at what is now known as Bozeman Pass.

My daughter was born


I gave birth to my daughter, Lizette Charbonneau

I died


I died of an unknown sickness.