Korean War Timeline


North Korean People's Army (NKPA) crosses the 38th parallel

June 25, 1950

First battle between the U.S. Army and the NKPA.

July 5, 1950

Eighth Army seizes Pyongyan, Democratic People's Republic of Korea

October 19, 1950

Chinese divisions enter fighting

November 4, 1950

U.N. forces evacuate Seoul after the Chinese and NKPA attacks

January 4, 1951

MacArthur sayd "There is no substitute for victory"

March 1951

Eighth Army retakes Seoul against the enemy's light resistance

March 14, 1951

Truman relieves MacArthur of command

April 11, 1951

Negotiatoins begin to settle conflicts

July 1951

Armistics formally reestablished the division of Korea

March 1953