Cold War Timeline


Cold war beings during Yalta Conference

February 4, 1945 - February 11, 1945

Winston Churchill says his "Iron Curtain" Speech

March 1946

NATO is ratified

July 1949

Mao Zedong takes control of China

September 1949

Korean war begins

June 1950

Vietnam split at 17th parallel

July 1953

Korean War ends

July 1953

Warsaw pact formed

May 1955

Sputnik launched into Orbit

October 4, 1957

Cuba is taken over by Fidel Castro

January 1959

Soviet shot down U.S. spy plane over Soviet territory

May 1960

John F. Kennedy elected president

November 1960

Bay of Pigs invasion

April 1961

Cuban Missle Crisis

October 1962

Apollo 11 lands on the moon

July 20, 1969

Cease fire in Vietnam between north Vietnam and the United States

January 1973

North Vietnam defeats South Vietnam

April 17, 1975

Salt II is signed

July 1979

Berlin Wall falls down

November 1989

End of Soviet Union and Cold War Ends

August 1991