Israelites Timeline

God Tells Moses To free The Israelites

1290 B.C.

Moses see burning bush God tells Moses to lead Israelites out of Egypt

10,000 Israelities Destroy Caanites

1000 B.C.

Once in power, according to the Hebrew Bible, David drove the philistines from the area

David Becomes King OfIsrael

1000 B.C - 970 B.C

Assyrians Take Over Israel

722 B.C - 620 B.C

Assyrians takeout all the Israelities people and scatter them throughout Iraq

Egytian Defeat Assyrians Gain Control Of Israel

620 B.C - 605 B.C

Chaldeans Defeat Egyptian Ake Control of Israel

605 B.C - 538 B.c

Under Chaldean rule, Jews are permitted to keep their king, as long as they pay a tax to the Chaldean Empire. Jews try to rebel against the Chaldeans and are severally punished by King Nebuchadnezzar

Persians defeat Chaldeans take control over Israel

538 B.C - 334 B.C

The King of Persia allows Jews to return to Israel. Some stay in Iraq some return . They are not permitted a King but allowed to be ruled by priests

Macedonians Defeat Persians Take Control Of Israel

344 B.C - 63 B.C

Rome push Out Macedonians Rule Israel

63 B.C - 476

Hellenistic age is over in the Mediterranean Rome rule begins

Jews Revolt And Defeat The Romans

132 A.C - 135 A.C

Jews( zealots) Rebel Against Rome - Jews Rule Israel

66 - 70

Rome Conquers Israel Again


Romans punish Jews Destroy the temple Jersamel all that remains of it today in the Western wall