Cold War


HUAC investigates Hollywood


The House Un-American Activities Committee opens hearings investigating Communist activity in Hollywood.

Yalta Conference

February 4 1945

Meeting with the heads of government

Victory in Europe Day (VE Day)

March 7, 1945

Public holiday to celebrate the day of unconditional surrender by the armed forces of Nazi Germany.

Potsdam Conference

July 17 1945

Major leaders waited on general elections

Victory over Japan Day (V-J Day)

August 15 1945

Japan surrendered ending WWII officially

Hollywood Blacklisting


Hollywood entertainment professionals on the suspicion that their work was communist-inspired

Marshall Plan is announced

June 5 1947

secretary of state announced a plan to assist devastated nations in Europe after WWII

Berlin Blockage

June 24 1948 - May 12 1949

First major international crises of the Cold War. The Soviet Union blocked all railways, roads and and sectors of the western allies under Berlin allied control.

Soviets explode first atomic bomb

August 29 1949

the USSR successfully detonates its first atomic bomb

Mao Zedong takes control of China

September 21 1949

Mao Zedong announces that the new Chinese government will be "under the leadership of the Communist Party of China."

Joseph McCarthy begins Communist witch hunt

February 9 1950

He came forth with a list of people in the State Department who were known members of the American Communist Party triggering an outburst of American fear.

Korean War

June 25 1950 - July 27 1953

War between Korea and United Nations

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg convicted of espionage

March 29 1951

a couple charged of giving atomic secrets to the soviet

Vietnam War

1954 - 1975

The Vietnamese were given guns, money, places to shoot, and an option to fight, it was a great opportunity for a third world country.

John F. Kennedy elected President

November 8 1960

The American people chose their new president

Rise of Berlin Wall

August 13 1961

A barrier built between Berlin and the rest of the world

Cuban Missile Crisis

October 22, 1962

JFK announced we had misses, bluffing, the missile crisis started

Apollo 11 lands on the moon

July 20 1969

man first set foot on the moon

Berlin Wall falls


The wall built to separate communists and capitalism falls

Fall of Soviet Union - End of Cold War

December 1991

The soviet union ended putting an end to the cold war