Untitled timeline


Sumerians divide minute into 60 seconds

3000 B.C.

Sumerians divide circle into 360 degrees

3000 B.C.

Sumerians divide day into 24 hours

3000 B.C.

Sumerians divide hour into 60 minutes

3000 B.C.

Egyptians use calendar with 365 days

3000 B.C.


Bronze (mix of tin and copper) tools common in the Middle East

3000 B.C.

Chariots in Mespotamia

3000 B.C.

Sumer has full military

2700 B.C.

Sumer has first ever standing professional armies

2600 B.C.

First detailed account a war, between Lagash and Umma

2525 B.C.


Crop Irrigation in Egypt

5000 B.C.

Wheels in Mespotamia

4000 B.C.

Pharaoh Atothis writes first book on human body

3000 B.C.

Egyptians performing surgery, and some patients live

2500 B.C.

Chinese record sighting a comet

2296 B.C.


Troy in habited

3000 B.C.

Mycenae (Greece) flourishes

1600 B.C.

Mycenae dominates Aegean

1450 B.C.

Mycenae reaches its peak

1320 B.C.

Trojan War

1190 B.C.

Mycenae fails to invaders

1190 B.C.

Age of darkness in Aegaen area

1100 B.C.

Homer writing

750 B.C.