time line activity


First recorded war Iraq vs Iran

2700 bc

Hyksos captures Memphis

1720 bc

Celts spread through Gaul

900 bc

second punic war

218 bc - 201 bc

Rome captured by rebels

87 bc


Days divided into 24 hours

3001 bc

circle divided into 360 degrees

3000 bc

minutes divided into 60 seconds

3000 bc

hours divided into minutes

3000 bc

mathematician killed

212 bc


Domestic cattle

4000 bc

phoeninicians found carthage

814 bc

coin used in turkey

700 bc

Lao tzu finds taoism

550 bc

Budhism was found

340 bc


troy inhabeted

3000 bc

Celts begin spreading

2000 bc

trojan war between troy and Mycenae

1190 bc

Cyrus the great killed in battle

500 bc

Rome attempts to grab germany

13 bc