Sumerians Divided Day 24 Hours

3000 bc

Sumerians Divide Hour into 60 Min

3000 bc

Sumerians Divide Min into 60 Sec

3000 bc

Egyptian use calendar with 365 days

2773 bc

Babylonians have multiplication tables

1800 bc


Fired Clay pottery

7000 B.C.

Wheels in Mesopotamia

4000 BC

Stone Tools

4000 bc

Chariots Of Mesopotamia

3000 bc

Hieroglyphic Writing



Troy Inhabited

3000 bc

Mycenae flourishes

1600 bc

Trojan War between Troy and Mycenae

1190 bc

Homer Writing

750 bc


Sargons army of 5300 was big at its time

3300 bc

First recorded war Sumer and elam

2700 bc

Advanced Soldiers Skills In Mesopotamia

2600 bc

Dock Decoys used in battle

2200 bc

Aseryians united in Mesopotamia

1900 bc