Dateline: Troy


Wheel Invention Mesopotamia

4000 BC

Sumerians Divided Days/Hours/Mintues/Circles

3000 BC

Egyptians made 365 days calendars

2773 BC

Babylons have multiplication

1800 BC

Water Clock Egypt

1600 BC


Sumerians used filling for bad teeth

3000 BC

Pharaoh Atothis wrote about Human Body

3000 BC

Chinese made silk

2700 BC

China opens zoo

2000 BC

Homer Writing

750 Bc


Troy Inhabited

3000 BC

Mycenae Flourishes

1600 BC

Mycenae falls from invaders

1450 Bc

Mycenae reaches its peak

1320 BC

Trojan War

1190 BC


Mesopotamia made war chariots

3000 BC

Helmets and Liners for SUmer Army

2500 BC

Sargons army of 5300 is big for time

2000 BC

Trojan War

1190 BC

Age Of Darkness

1100 BC