Our Story


Jake Price, JMP Global's founder and CEO, decides to create a company

August, 2010

Jake decides the company will create iPhone applications

August, 2010

Jake creates the concept for iElect, JMP Global's first mobile application

September, 2010

Jake begins work on what will become a 130 page specification for iElect

December, 2010

JMP Global is incorporated!

August 22, 2011

iElect's specification is finished and is sent out for bid

August 31, 2011

ISIS Design, a technology firm in India, starts programming iElect

September, 2011

iElect receives bids from 36 programmers in 12 countries

September, 2011

The first version of JMP Global's website is created

September 30, 2011

ISIS finishes programming iElect

October, 2011

iElect goes live on the app store for iPhone and iPad

October, 2011

The second version of JMP Global's website is created

November, 2011

iElect Version 2

January, 2012

iElect reaches 1000 users

March, 2012

iElect reaches 3000 users

April, 2012

iElect's Marketing Campaign is launched

June, 2012

150 media outlets pick up iElect's press release

July, 2012

The final version of iElect is released

August, 2012

Thousands of users continue to download iElect across 50 countries

August, 2012

JMP Global's website is updated with election related content

September, 2012

iElect successfully helped thousands of users pick their candidate

November, 2012

President Obama is re-elected

November 6, 2012

JMP Global transitions its business plan into services for its customers

January, 2013

JMP Global invents the MySite

February, 2013

The company started working on website and photoshop projects for clients

March, 2013

Our brand new website is created, with details about our products and services

May, 2013

We are accepting projects and are excited to be in business!